To all the mothers in the world

There are many moments in the year to give gifts and surprise loved ones, but on a day like today we put special care in surprising those women who are always there: mothers, wish you a happy day!To all the mothers in the world To all the mothers in the world

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If some straggler or straggler has gotten confused and hasn't bought a gift for his mother, I want to tell you things so that you can solve the mistake, because it is already known that a mother forgives everything.

In fact, I would like to tell you that the Ameyal Alta Cocina Mexicana restaurant celebrates Mother's Day on the 10th with a dinner paired with Mexican wines from Baja California, specifically from the Monte Xanic winery, whose representative Kristel Backhoff is in in a state of good hope. The date may seem strange, but in Mexico, unlike in Spain, there is a specific numerical date on which this event is celebrated, and it is precisely May 10, so if circumstances prevent you from celebrating this day today so special with the woman who gave you life, you have another chance.

By the way, I want to take this opportunity to highlight the great work carried out by the NGO "Moms in action" and tell you that the Uncovercity company allocates 5 euros from each gastronomic experience that is contracted to support this entity where volunteers become in mothers and fathers for a few hours of those children who do not have the proximity of their families, children who are supervised by the local government and reside in authorized centers and residences for children.

Helping this project in any way is a good gift for a day like today, but I propose others...

Recently, a Narciso Rodríguez for Her olfactory workshop was held in a magnificent space specially designed for the occasion by Araventum at the Rocket Space facilities.

The director of Shisheido, Esperanza Pintado, was in charge of directing the tasting of this perfume for an exclusive group of guests. A tasting that paired with the elegant wedding dresses from Always Basaldúa and the jewels from Marfil Joyeros, combined with the bottles from Narciso Rodríguez.

To all the mothers in the world

The event, organized by Ana Gayoso from La Champanera and Lorena Oliver from Araventum, helped attendees learn that Narciso Rodríguez for Her is one of the favorites for brides, who choose him to accompany them on such a day spice, since it is a very feminine perfume.

Among the attendees, Ana García-Rivera, the stylist Pachi Viñoles, the fashion designer Soraya Plaza, the journalists Maite Sebastiá and Begoña Clérigues, bloggers such as Lau Closet, Nuria Parre, Mavi Trapos and Daqui Gómez, Andrea Catalá, Marta Vilar, Elena Falcó, José Tousette, Lourdes Pérez, Patricia Cerveró, Paula Bernal and the sisters Begoña and Paloma Marfil.

Perfume is a wonderful accessory for any woman... But shoes are already big words and even more so if they are as beautiful, imaginative and groundbreaking as those of Salvattore Ferragamo. Starting this Friday and for a very short period of time, the clients of this firm have the possibility of buying limited replicas of some Ferragamo Creation models, that is, models that were designed by the designer himself and whose original is in the Ferragamo Museum.

Leonardo Pugliese, from Ferragamo, told me yesterday how the designer had created each model to address the shortcomings of World War II, without neglecting beauty and comfort.

In the collection housed in the Valencia store, you can access shoes that were first worn by actresses such as Loretta Young, Sofía Loren, Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, and Greta Garbo, by the way, who told me that in the case Of the latter, she was so enchanted with the model that Ferragamo believed that she took 70 pairs of the same shoe in different colors and with different materials.

I must emphasize that as it is well known that Ferragamo is the creator of the platforms, he especially called the model that I created for Judy Garland, and which is inspired (it could not be otherwise) by the movie The Wizard of Oz.

But not only did it fit ladies of the seventh art, but also women who, without losing an iota of femininity, marked a before and after in history, such as Eva Perón, Evita. I have to say that I loved the shoes of this great Argentinian lady, both in black and gold... Well, and many others, because if Ferragamo stands out for something, it is that it is eternal. Their models are always in force

And it is that from a very young age he already stood out, because he who is born with genius cannot hide it. Pugliese told me a story that captivated me and that hits a lot this month. He pointed out that at the Ferragamo house his mother was aware of her son's art, when one of her daughters was going to take communion, and his parents (who had 13 children) told the girl that they had been able to buy her a dress, but that shoes had been impossible. That night, Salvattore began to braid and dry rice paper and made his sister some beautiful shoes so that the next day she would be no less than any of the girls who were going to make their first communion with her.

From then on, he was redirected to learn from master shoemakers, but it soon became apparent that they had nothing to teach him. It was then that he made the leap to the United States, where little by little he built a reputation that took him to Rodeo Drive.

By the way, I want to tell you that Hortensia Maeso has presented her collection for next year within the framework of Día Mágico by FIMI, where she bets on sailor suits for girls, so that they become the captains of a ship that sails between fashion and style. Without forgetting one of the weighty arguments: that of Genesis. It's back to nature, at first.

White cords decorate the front, flounces on the bottoms of the shirts, and anchor buttons. Sailor for them, but not the same as for them, both for day to day and for taking communion. There are no limits other than the ones you want to put on yourself.

And even if it's not with 'B', don't miss the Vesos festival, which ends today and is certainly worth it.

I also suggest that you go to enjoy the spa or the restaurant of the Sh Valencia Palace, which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary, with a magnificent party in which the singer Soledad Giménez performed and which included prominent personalities from the social world, artistic, sporting and economic as Mª Ángeles Bartolomé, José Beltrán, Reyes Ballester, Andrés Ballester, Miguel Cases, Antonio García, Federico Félix, Antonio Bernabé, Salvador Navarro, Carmen Amoraga, Juan Manuel Baixauli, Amparo Chordá, Voro González, Adela Cortina, Miquel Navarro, Marisa Marín de Monzonís, Amparo Lacomba, Alicia Marín Olmos, as well as numerous journalists; and it is not in vain that to give more relevance to the event they have published a publication where 25 journalists interview 25 personalities from the city of Valencia.

I also propose another plan for this afternoon, stop by Las Cervezas del Mercado, where in addition to having a drink you can enjoy the first pictorial exhibition of the designer Julia Ortiz called Wisemen, where she delves into the sensations transmitted by such well-known faces as those of Samuel L. Jackson or Robert de Niro among others.