Baseball: Beijing A Rookie and Your Must-Haves

Starting with your favorite ball game, baseball, has never been easier, especially if you can visit world-famous ballparks. However, before getting into the professional league, you must first be a rookie. As a beginner, you must have the necessary equipment to participate and begin training.

This article will assist aspiring newcomers who want to try this ball game in deciding what to wear and what items to purchase to take their first step toward playing a real game.

Baseball: Beijing A Rookie and Your Must-Haves

Things You Need to Start

As a beginner, you need to have the following items before you can begin your training:

1. Glove 

When starting, you need your gloves for catching the ball, pitching, and batting to protect your hands at all costs. So choose the comfortable ones in your hands that can hold a firm grip on your other items.

Try fitting it and making a close-open movement to see if it will significantly assist you when using it. It is critical to remember that most new gloves will be extremely stiff. 

You can fix this by "breaking in" the glove with leather conditioning oil and obeying the instructions in the highlighted box.

Baseball: Beijing A Rookie and Your Must-Haves


The bat size for a beginner is the same as for a child, but it is slightly smaller. For bats aged 3–6, the average length is between 24 and 27 inches, while adults need an average of 29 to 35 inches. 

To ensure that you are comfortable using your bat, try carrying it and practicing a few swings to see if it is the right size and weight. Your bat is your best friend in this sport, and you must treat it with care and caution whenever you practice.

3. Ball

Before purchasing your practice ball, ask your coach or any staff in your little league what the exact dimensions and size are. However, first-timers usually manage softballs to avoid serious injury during practice games or mini-leagues.

A few rookies use 1-inch soft training softballs in their games, which are always available at any ball store. Take care of this item and select the ones you are also comfortable using.

4. Helmet

Another essential item for rookies is a helmet to protect their heads from injury. When choosing the best one, you should try it on your head and ensure it is not too large or too small for you. 

The best ones to get are helmets with face masks and chin straps to keep the item secure, even if you can dash your way to a home run. You can also remove the face mask if you believe it interferes with your performance.

5. Shoes

Others do not require you to wear cleats if you are still practicing, but you will need one to complete your beginner look.

Cleats are preferable to tennis shoes for fielding and running the bases because they provide more traction. Furthermore, your shoes need to fit correctly to avoid unnecessary blisters on your feet.

6. Bag for Bats

A bat bag is essential for keeping your equipment in one place and is also easy to transport—smaller ones for children and medium-sized ones for adults, with plenty of pockets for other items. 

Technically, this is also important to secure your belongings so that you do not need a separate bag to keep your valuables.

You can put your phones, custom baseball jersey, towels, caps, and even little water bottles on it and carry them all at once. 

Baseball: Beijing A Rookie and Your Must-Haves

In A Nutshell 

You now know what to bring if you want to play baseball as a hobby or as your primary sport. This baseball game is entertaining; who knows, you will go to a professional baseball game in the future.