Tiffany’s sows expectation presenting an intense yellow as a new corporate color

Tiffany’s sows expectation presenting an intense yellow as a new corporate color

Madrid - "I love it, but nothing will be able to replace the 'Azultiffany's'", "This is what happens when they buy a company, which is the same as the rest and loses the value of the difference", "the Azuls always will be better"or directly and simply with a blunt "no".These were only some of the most angry comments that the firm Dejoyerías Tiffany’s collected throughout the last days in the networks, after it surprised their own and strangers changing their profile and background phrases in their accounts in the main networksocial networks.An action with which he came to present to an intense Canarian enamarillo color as the new corporate color of the firm, in replacement of his already more than iconic color "blue tiffany’s".A hue with the historical way has been decorating the boxes and wrappers of jewelry suspicions, in the same way that Hermès does the same with her garments fashion, packaged in boxes and bags of an orange sun, ocartier to her high jewelry piecesWith its coveted boxes in red nest and golden letters.

De la mano así pues de una medida con la que el Grupo LVMH parecíadecidido a marcar el inicio de esta nueva era para la firma, bajo su paraguas desde comienzos de este mismoaño de 2021, el cambio de color no terminaba de dejar indiferente a casinadie.While the reasons that Alvmh could lead to activate a measure of this draft could be understood, it was not understood to understand the Holdingfrancés to decide to question one of the strongest values of Tiffany’s as a commercial brand as a commercial brand.Being precisely iconic hue in blue one of the most recognizable brand elements between a large majority of consumers, and one of the few who has achieved the barriers of its own area to penetrate in every collective removal, in the same way that Swoosh has donefrom Nike Olas Coca Lyrics.

More than a simple joke

Tiffany’s siembra expectación presentando a un intenso amarillo como nuevo color corporativo

While it was in this way that the jewelry firm surprised all of the past day April 1, the denial arrived only in just 24 hours after, once the house itself restored and placed its legendary “blue Tiffany’s” in Sulugar again..It must understand what happened rather than as a simple joke of the “April’s Day”.Celebration that is carried out every April 1 in countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Italy or the United Kingdom, similar to that of the Saints of Saints in December 28 in Spain and Latin America.

Although there were more than one who fell into the innocent proprovation raised by the firm, a large majority must be recognized that they ended up questioning the controversial change of color once perceived of the day of the year in which they were.What did not prevent them from being excited about the possible change, and as a response did not hesitate to throw themselves openly to the firm that the possibility of starting to incorporate this "cheerful" packaging.An action that for the moment from Tiffany’s seem determined not to carry out, but before which they already announce that some surprises have reserved.

Thus, if on April 1 they presented this new yellow as "our new corporate color", on day 2 they denied it with a single "we were just jokingly".Message that on this occasion accompanied by a brief downtry, in which they pointed out that "we would never get to the TiffanyBlue, but we have some new and exciting things in progress".A point with which the intentions of the firm seem clear to begin to pay the new creative bases that will be its new low stage of the Holding LVMH.

Photo Credits: Tiffany & Co., Official facebook page.