The nation was born Prince Enrique and Meghan Markel's daughter

The nation was born Prince Enrique and Meghan Markel's daughter

Prince Enrique and Meghan Markle announce this Sunday the birth of his daughter Lilibet Diana in California after a year of agitation in the British royal family.

“Lili is named in honor of his great -grandmother, his Majesty the Queen, whose family nickname is Lilibet.His second name, Diana, was chosen in honor of her beloved and deceased grandmother, the princess of Wales, ”says a statement from the couple, AFP reported.

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Previously it had been announced that Meghan would have a scoriologist, since they wanted to give their new daughter the different birth that Archie could not have, her firstborn.

The little girl, second daughter of the couple and eighth in the succession line of the British throne, was born on Friday in Santa Barbara and is already at home."Weight 3.5 kilos.The mother and girl are fine and at home, ”says the announcement.

La Nación Nació la hija del príncipe Enrique y Meghan Markel

The couple lives near Los Angeles after giving up their functions in the royal family at the beginning of last year.In March they gave an explosive interview on American television that unleashed the greatest crisis of the British royal family since the death of Enrique's mother in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

The two -hour interview was seen by more than 11 million Americans and 17 million in the United Kingdom and in it Enrique and Meghan said that racism was part of their decision to leave the country.

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The couple said that a senior royalty official speculated on how dark the children's skin could be.Meghan's mother is black and her father is white.

Meghan, an exactriz, said, that he was "naively" prepared for life in the royal family and considered to commit suicide when she was pregnant with her first child, Archie.

Enrique, 36, and Megan, 39, accused newspapers of falling into racial stereotypes;especially compared to Kate's coverage, sister -in -law of Enrique, which is white.

Source: AFP.