Pur, the show begins again


The Barcelona restaurant of Nandu Jubany has reopened this week after remaining closed since the beginning of the pandemic: he returns with the great jewels of the season

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One year, seven months and twenty days.Nandu Jubany had the time that his restaurant Pur has remained closed (Passage of La Concepció, 11), which on Wednesday would re -defend.A few minutes earlier, he contemplated the showcases, again full of lush pieces of fish and seafood.In the kitchen seen, the team cleaned the mushrooms, received the foie arrived from Figueres;The chef made a bowl with his hand to approach the nose the first peas of the Maresme and smiled when he also drunk with the aroma of the huge white truffle that he has bought.

Pur, vuelve a empezar el espectáculo

They have not chosen a bad time for a reopening, which comes with a luxury pantry.We will celebrate the recentrée testing the first artichokes on a layer of tasty Payoyo cheese;The first hedgehogs, Gallegos, which serve in two versions: as is, or stuffed with a bearnese and crowned with caviar;The small peas arrive with delicate bacon slices, from the neck part, barely touched by the fire, pure butter;The fried egg on a parmentier with a pinch of stracciatlla that brings the acid touch that Jubany likes, covered with the white truffle;La Cigala, huge, at its point;Like the foie, which is exquisite on onions, also of Figueres, bathed in its own broth.We accompany the dishes with an interesting Rocallís 2016, by Can Rafols dels Caus.And the desserts arrive: strawberry sweets with cream, a flan to melt, a cheese cake with a recipe final...

I would not have needed to ask Jubany if in the break time, which he has dedicated to his restaurant in Calldetenes, to recover the banquets, to create and expand his croquettes factory and the premises of Ibiza and Formentera or Andorra, he has been able to reflect onIf the Pur model, which opened three years ago, is still valid.It is convinced that it makes more sense than ever, at a time when we have learned that you have to celebrate everything you can."And this is a place for that, to make a gift and share what we feel like most about that letter with the best of the season".

It may seem that the proposal is simple, “but there must be great professionals in the kitchen to work the excellent product at its point.There is the secret ".At the head of the stoves Ramon Blanch has been incorporated, who entered the kitchen through the desserts.And in the room governs Melani Sevilla, 13 years with Nandu Jubany and Ana Orte.Can Jubany's chef is still unstoppable: he reveals that he is about to launch his cannellonwill call Foc: "There will be meats, fish and the products of the garden".Hibernate sinner, in Ibiza, to focus on Formentera.Foc will be the fifth on the island.

Pur Restaurant


Passatge de la Concepció, 11, 08008 Barcelona

931 70 17 70

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