Let's talk about how to clean your jewelry and accessories from home

It's easier than you think. Let experts tell you how to restore the shine to each of your goldsmith pieces, through useful and simple advice.

By Karina González UlloaLet's talk about cleaning your jewelry and accessories from home Let's talk about how to clean your jewelry and accessories from home

The steps to know how to clean your jewelry is one of the things you can learn during those seasons when you stay at home , in addition to the fact that it is something that can be known in detail, from the comfort of your phone. It is a fact that these days can be more productive than we think, if we put enough ingenuity into them, but it all depends on what is on the agenda of each one of us, which can range from checking the clothes we no longer wear , accommodate our Christmas decorations and if there is a little time, as we said at the beginning, it is also worth learning to clean these types of accessories.

Is it possible to clean our jewelry at home? Yes, it is even something that you can do as if you were a professional, but of course, as long as you receive the advice of someone specialized, and nothing like a jewelry and accessories house to offer them like Pandora.

According to the firm, it does not require much effort to take care of those pieces made with silver or other precious materials, it is enough to have certain ingredients at home, as well as the patience to be able to clean them in detail.

Tips for cleaning your jewelry and accessories at home

Warm water + neutral liquid soap

Let's talk about cleaning your jewelry and accessories from home

If you can, use a small bowl to put water at room temperature, and in it, add 3 measures (or pumps) of neutral soap and completely free of aromas. Stir with your fingers, creating a homogeneous mixture.


Look in your bathroom or buy a brush with soft bristles (remember that if they are stiff, you risk damaging the piece). Soak it in the container and little by little, insist on those parts of your accessories that you feel have dirt, or where you think the shine has been lost. Remember to do this in circular motions.

Microfiber towel

If you have one for cleaning jewelry specifically, use it, otherwise this type of cloth will help you do just that. This is used to dry each of the pieces carefully, since if you let them dry alone, it is likely that they may have stains.

Soak and soak

Sometimes it can happen that even if you wipe them with a cleaning cloth or a brush, your jewelry is not completely clean. If this is your case, then discard the water in the bowl and add only clean water on this second occasion. Let each of the accessories you have cleaned soak for 15 minutes. An important note that Pandora emphasizes is that you skip this second step if what you are cleaning has pearls, leather or wood fragments.

Remember that this type of cleaning is for pieces that are relatively new or that you have used very little. If you want to clean some that have been with you for a long time, it is best for someone specialized in the subject to take care of doing it for you.

Confirmed: it doesn't take much to clean your precious jewelry and favorite accessories from the comfort of your home.

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