Laura Escanes has taken the most special customizable pendant

Laura Escanes has taken the most special customizable pendant

    There is nothing like a good complement to raise to the simplest of the 'looks'.The jewelry is no stranger to fash.Now, if you want something truly special, you have to sign the last pendant that Laura Escanes has taken.

    The 'influencer' is one of our sources of inspiration and we are always signing the garments and makeup that he shares in his social networks.His latest publication on Instagram has all our attention for two reasons: the incredible 'Eyeliner' Azuly the lock -shaped pendant that carries.The most cool thing about this jewel is that it is customizable and Laura Escanes has decided to capture in it the name of the most special person of her life, her daughter Rome.

    Laura Escanes ha llevado el colgante personalizable más especial

    Laura, very aware that we were all going to ask how to get her jewel, has left her labeled in the publication.This is a Thomas Sabo pendant that has been made by hand in sterling silver and embellished with a yellow gold plated of 18 carats.

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    This jewel belongs to the collection 'Engrave Your Story' and has a lot of different designs.In addition to the lock -shaped pendant, we have also signed others with classic keys and symbols such as the heart.If you have fallen in love with Laura, you can find it for 239 euros.

    Thomas Sabo

    By the way, this is not the only occasion when Laura has worn personalized jewels with the name of her daughter and a few weeks ago showed us ideal earrings that soon we.

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