Georgina's Big Confession: Why Her Viral Cannes Posing Might Not Have Happened

Georgina's Big Confession: Why Her Viral Cannes Posing Might Not Have Happened

In a matter of 5 years, Georgina Rodríguez has gone from being an anonymous woman from Jaca, a dependent dancer on Madrid's golden mile, to a partner of the most followed man in the world. Instantly, her life 'became a dream', as she herself explains, and her presence became more and more frequent in the most glamorous fashion dates, an evolution that we have been able to follow in depth this week in her new docuseries of Netflix, Soy Georgina, which two days after its premiere is already in the ranking of the most viewed content on the platform. Of course, we have been hooked on her anecdotes and adventures, among which one especially revealing of her stands out: her most viral moment on the red carpet could not have happened.


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A moment of Haute Couture that almost did not happen

Although his official launch to stardom in stylistic terms probably took place at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, that being an impressive pose of transparencies and glitter that HELLO! did not want to miss out, it was exactly two years later, in the 2021 edition, when 'Gio' sealed his status as a fashion benchmark thanks to one of the great French couturiers. Do you know what it is? If you have seen the first episode of I am Georgina, then you also witnessed the model's visit to Jean Paul Gaultier's spectacular Parisian atelier, an invitation whose purpose was to choose an iconic archive piece, one of those reserved only for VIP clients or exhibitions of a museum, to impress like no one else during your visit to the film competition on La Croisette.

The result of the encounter was this enveloping corseted dress in shimmering brown braided leather with a seductive skirt slit and fringes, taken from the couturier's Spring/Summer 2010 Haute Couture collection. With her election, Georgina got praise from critics, as well as placing her name in international media headlines that until that day had never noticed her. However, later in the docuseries, the truth behind that wise decision is revealed to us, one full of hesitation that, luckily, we can now tell with a happy ending.


Her look from 'Xena, the warrior' or how she got the title of fashion expert

Just a couple of hours before this historic pose, Georgina still did not know what to wear to the event, although she had narrowed her options down to two. Her concerns centered not so much on the design but on the composition of the dress, made almost entirely of brown leather, a fabric that might not be too comfortable on a July afternoon along the Côte d'Azur. Finally, it has been the symbolism of the design that has managed to convince her, since that year Gaultier would be in charge of signing the two most viral outfits of the gala. And we can not forget the structured white dress, also vintage, that she connected to Bella Hadid and Naomi Campbell on opening day.

"We have climbed a step in the world of fashion," assured the model's agent, referring to this unique opportunity that only the tiny group of celebrities who have worn their avant-garde creations at the Cannes Festival enjoys, an event that it even had the designer as a jury in 2012. "With this dress, I feel many things. From the Greek goddess to Xena, the warrior... I also feel like a princess with these jewels", confesses 'Gio', satisfied with the look without knowing that minutes later it would go around the world.

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Her sequin crush that made her hesitate

The second candidate to wear that night was a stunning emerald green see-through and sequin design designed by Tunisian Ali Karoui, very different from the vintage fringed leather, but just as wonderful. Her design of a corset tight to her torso, a silhouette that fascinates Georgina and highlights her curves without much effort, had enchanted the dancer and she did not miss the opportunity to show it to the world. Although she did not premiere it in Cannes, she recovered it for another crucial evening in her career: the celebration of the 2021 Starlite Gala, in which she was not only recognized with an award for her philanthropic and charitable work but also boasted about her skills as a singer when appearing on stage together with Beret.

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