Kate Middleton: the nine secrets nine years after her wedding to Prince William

Kate Middleton: the nine secrets nine years after her wedding to Prince William

Royalty's favorite couple turns 9 years old to pronounce "yes, I accept", and become one of the most beloved royals, to date. Without a doubt, her wedding was one of the most expected and remembered events. Today on its anniversary, we tell you the nine secrets nine years from Kate Middleton's wedding to Prince William.

It was on April 29, 2011 that the happy couple celebrated their wedding, the great event that brought together more than 1.2 billion people around the world, who tuned and were excited to see beautiful Kate Middleton arrive in Westminster Abbey, join her life with Prince William's.

Kate Middleton's wedding secrets

We all remember her in her beautiful Alexander McQueen dress, her simple, youthful hairstyle and her beautiful tiara Cartier Halo, which made her look beautiful and spectacular. But few know the secrets of the details that formed part of that historic day, when love triumphed over the history of Prince William's parents' relationship, and a break in Kate's engagement and the future king.

She seemed hard to believe, so she was about to be part of the royal family, and become the future Duchess of Cambridge, but Kate Middleton decided not to hire some make-up artist to fix her for the most important day of her life, and to do it herself.

Yeah, just like you read it. Kate Middleton dressed herself on the day of her wedding, after taking a self-styling course, with expert Arabella Preston. Far from trying to stand out with her face full of paint, William's wife chose a super natural style, though, with very marked eye delineation. The truth is, he looked radiant and spectacular.

Although everyone knows her and calls her Kate Middleton, after having married Prince William, as part of the protocol, she would become Catherine. In Spain she was named Catherine, but the truth is, nine years after her wedding, everyone still calls her Kate.

Kate Middleton: Los nueve secretos a nueve años de su boda con Príncipe William

As the event deserved it, and being the most important day of his life, Prince William looked quite elegant, and besides, he could not miss any detail. Therefore, the secret he hides, both his suit and Prince Harry's, is that it was made to prevent them from sweating, so as to avoid any embarrassing moment.

For Prince William, it was very important to make the love of his life happy on that special day for both of us, so, until after his wedding he kept secret the place where they would spend their honeymoon, to surprise Kate.

Finally, the newlyweds spent two weeks in a luxury resort and, of course, quite private, in the Seychelles.

The most awaited day for Kate Middleton and Prince William arrived, and one by one, the guests were coming to accompany and contemplate the union of the happy couple. Without a doubt, we saw the most elegant dresses, the finest jewels, and the most beautiful touches.

But there was one that caught the most attention, and everyone talked about, and not exactly for the better. Princess Beatriz's headdress was the strangest and most controversial of the day, a design similar to a huge picture frame, signed by Philip Treacy, which was criticized years later by eBay, for the modest amount of over 2,429 thousand pesos, for charitable purposes.

Sarah Ferguson, the mother of princesses Beatriz and Eugenia, shone for her absence during the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, although Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did. The reason is that, being divorced from Prince Andrew since 1992, it would not be well seen to have received her at the wedding of an heir to the throne, although she has an excellent relationship with her ex, and they still live together in Kensington.

Believe it or not, Prince William broke the tradition on his wedding day, because he didn't have a wedding ring, as he doesn't like jewels. If you look at the photos very well, none of them appear with the ring, and that's, of course, because there really wasn't.

When Kate Middleton married Prince William, she was 29 years old, which made her stand out for being the oldest bride within royalty. And it was very important for the couple to be sure of the great step they were going to take, before they did, so they took their time to think about it very well before they got married.

And it is that, with the history of her parents' relationship, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, William did not want to make the same mistake, so they did not join in marriage, until they were completely certain that they were for each other.

Another detail? Kate was the first bride to marry within royalty, with a college degree. How's it going?

One of the best known rituals for weddings is to wear that special day something new, something old, something blue and something borrowed, to give good luck during marriage, and Kate Middleton fulfilled it to the letter.

His beautiful and elegant dress Alexander McQueen, one of his favorite designers, was covered in a beautiful lace elaborated under a super ancient technique, more than 1800 years old, which became his "old" element. In addition, the dress was the new, Queen Elizabeth's tiara was borrowed, and blue was a strip of that color, which was embroidered under the skirt. Details always count.

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