How much does a engagement ring cost and what could you do with that money

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The commitment ring has been used for years as a symbol of ties and life plans in a couple.There are two types of ring, that of commitment and marriage;But both represent different stages between the two people.The first is used to ask for the bride's hand and represents the interest of marrying, this piece seals the commitment;The second symbolizes the durability of commitment.

At present, young people are characterized by being people who live at their own pace and have created new routes towards marriage and family, most no longer has as a priority this life plan that includes marrying and having children.

According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) released in September 2021, for 2020 335 thousand 563 marriages were recorded, which represents a fall of more than fifty percent with respect to the year 2000.The highest marriages rate is located in Zaragoza (Puebla) and the minor in Mexico City.Likewise, 2,476 marriages between people of the same sex were recorded.The divorce rate is 32 per 100 marriages.

How much does a engagement ring cost?

Although it is common to assume that a commitment ring costs thousands and thousands of pesos, the reality is that there are different designs and materials that could vary the final cost and now not only in high jewelry stores you can find compromise pieces but also in storesof electronic commerce, such as Amazon, you will find prices that fit each pocket.

Cuánto cuesta un anillo de compromiso y qué podrías hacer con ese dinero

For example:

The factors that make a compromise ring more expensive:.

Actually, the rings have a variable price that goes from 500 pesos to 2,500 for simple rolling.

What could buy me with that money?

By having such variable prices this depends on your budget since if you plan to ask for marriage you should also consider the wedding organization which includes: wedding dress, banquet, music, photography, decoration, living room or garden and the honeymoon (between other expenses).

According to the White Wedding Paper, made by In collaboration with Google, in Mexico up to 180 thousand pesos are spent on an average wedding, the southeast boyfriends usually invest more since they spend up to 205 thousand pesos for their special day.

But what could you buy with the money you would invest in a wedding ring?.

Cheaper ring (518 pesos), you could buy:

Ring with average price on the market (56 thousand 780 pesos), you could buy:

Ring with one of the highest prices (1 million 285 thousand pesos).

According to expert psychologists, the new generations seek to be carried out in other areas of their lives such as their professional careers, travel, new cultures, their work and different priorities;Although most experts say that it is because you are afraid of commitment, being a long -term (life) decision to be involved in something that could lead to problems and mean a lot of work, so most young marriages fail andThe increase in divorces has been quintupled.

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