Heart the mystery after the blue dress of Letizia in its official portrait: unpublished design or photoshop?

Heart the mystery after the blue dress of Letizia in its official portrait: unpublished design or photoshop?

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A new enigma blossoms around the always inscrutable figure of Queen Letizia (47 years old). This Tuesday, February 11, the Royal House made public the first official portraits of Felipe VI (52) and Letizia as kings of Spain signed by the portrait artist Estela de Castro and the questions were counted by dozens.

From the photographic posing, careful, measured and refined to the point of exhaustion, not only the most regal and solemn facet of the sovereigns is perceived, but also their most informal version. It is precisely in this last edge, in that of Queen Letizia without historical tiaras or jewels of the lot to pass, where most of the unknowns are born.

The kings of Spain in one of their official portraits released this Tuesday, February 11. Royal House

When contemplating the portraits in which Letizia appears with the same dress signed by Carolina Herrera but in a different color, expert voices have come to question whether they are two different designs or a photoshop effect. JALEO has contacted the firm of the Venezuelan designer to clear up the doubts that have arisen regarding the garments that the monarch has worn in the recently released images.

"We do not provide any type of information about our clients. Her Majesty Queen Letizia is one more client and deserves our discretion. The only thing we can confirm is that the two looks belong to Carolina Herrera New York and the two colors exist. No we have more information", they declare to this newspaper from the Department of Communication of the international fashion house.

The questions regarding this exclusive Letizia garment are based on the following data: The Queen debuted the red dress that appears in the image in September 2018 to accompany her daughter, Leonor de Borbón (14), in her first official act as Princess of Asturias.

The second time Letizia wore this Carolina Herrera was in Rome, where she participated in an act of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). And the last time she was in December of that same year, to preside over the acts for the fortieth anniversary of the Spanish Constitution.

Heart The mystery behind the blue dress of Letizia in her official portrait: unpublished design or photoshop?

From left to right: Queen Letizia in Asturias, in Madrid and in Rome with a dress by Carolina Herrera.Gtres

In addition, it would not be the first time that the inner core of Casa Real resorted to photoshop to retouch photos of its members. In 2005, the then reigning kings Juan Carlos I(82) and Sofía(81) wanted to congratulate the Spaniards on Christmas surrounded by their grandchildren, but they could not find the time to get together and decided that the best option was to make a montage A spokesman for the institution had to excuse this detail stating that "it is only a Christmas card" and that "at no time was it said that the image was real."

To date, Letizia has never worn the navy blue dress, discovered in an unprecedented way thanks to her official portraits. A tailor-made garment, exclusively for her and that is not for sale. With a pencil silhouette, long sleeves with a small opening at the neckline and with a kind of belt that marks her slender figure. Another piece of evidence that overturns the theory of the alleged retouching is that while the seams on the red dress are of the same crimson tone, in the case of the blue, they are jet.

Letizia and Carolina Herrera

Official portrait of Queen Letizia in a dress by Carolina Herrera New York.Casa Real

Based on recent events and the historical analysis of Letizia's dress in the last decade, it seems that the Queen has changed, who knows if forever, head designer. In 2010, the date on which the portraits of the then princes of Asturias signed by the photographer Dany Virgili were published, Letizia dressed by Felipe Varela. A solid and lasting relationship that over time has remained in a kind of stylistic stand by, giving way to new blood with Carolina Herrera at the helm. In real terms, Letizia would have dethroned Felipe Varela to crown Carolina Herrera as her new favorite creative.

Despite the veteran designer's Latin origin, Carolina Herrera's banner is one hundred percent a Spain brand. Its luxury ready-to-wear line (Carolina Herrera New York, the one with Letizia's dresses in the aforementioned portraits) has been owned by the Catalan company Puig since 1995. For its part, its sporty version CHCarolina Herrera is owned by from the Galician company Textil Lonia (in turn 25 percent owned by Puig but owned by the brothers of Adolfo Domínguez, father and uncles of Bimba & Lola). Therefore, there is no doubt that Queen Letizia continues with the natural trend of being one of the most important ambassadors of the fashion companies that are designed, produced and distributed within our borders.

Letizia and her new official portrait

Official portrait of Queen Letizia alone in a Carolina Herrera dress and a Karen Hallam ring. Casa Real

In her official solo portrait, Queen Letizia appears standing, starring in a slightly low-angle American shot and with her gaze fixed on the camera lens. The minimalism of this snapshot reflects, in a certain way, the new airs that Felipe and Letizia, as kings of Spain, try to contribute to the current monarchy: austerity, transparency and closeness.

Regarding her styling, Letizia defends her new silhouette. From red -they say that her favorite color- she goes to blue, a sign of rigor, seriousness and objectivity. On his index finger, a direct wink at his daughters. The Queen wears her gold-plated silver ring by Karen Hallam, a special gift from the princesses and which, thanks to these new portraits, will endure in history.

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