ESPN MUÑOZ IN SELECTION: The award for one of the last jewels sold Colombian football to related Europe

1 jun, 2021

Daniel Muñoz has been rewarded for his great work in European football and was called by coach Reinaldo Rueda to play with the Colombia National Team the matches against Peru and Argentina in the Qatar World Cup qualifiers 2022 and the meetings of the Copa América.

The side began in Rionegro Águilas.He debuted in the Antioquia team and gradually earned praise by the press and Colombian fans.

In the golden squad he became one of the greatest promises of the Colombian League, being intended by several teams of the national rented and seducting coach Juan Carlos Osorio, who immediately wanted to hire and take him to Atlético Nacional.

The 25 -year -old turned his dream and dressed green in the second half of 2019.Muñoz had proclaimed his love for the Paisa team, a team that said he was a fan and having part of one of his most popular bars.Situation that led him to want to play in the Verlaga squad.

ESPN Muñoz en Selección: el premio a uno de las últimas joyas que vendió el fútbol colombiano a Europa Relacionado

From his arrival in Nacional it became one of the most important players of the cast led by coach Risaraldense.In most matches was the player with better qualifications, which is why from Europe they began to interest in their big conditions.

In this way and at the time of Pandemia, the side was sold by the Antioquia squad for 5 million euros to the Belgium Genk.The transaction did not like coach Osorio, who said that his departure did a lot of damage to his sports project.

Daniel got disconnected from the king of glasses with tears in his eyes and with the illusion of triumphing in the football of the old continent.On May 22, its sale is confirmed and on August 9 he debuted with the Belgian team on the first date of the League with 2-1 triumph against SV Zulte Waregem.

Since his arrival at the Genk, Muñoz won a position in the starting eleven and adds 3.336 minutes in the local tournament, distributed in 40 games, 37 of them as an initialist, and mostly played as a right side.In the Belgium Cup he played four games, all from the start and scored a goal.

The present of the Antioquia in Europe made him again intended by the national coach to be part of the Colombian National Team.The side could play its first minutes with the tricolor shirt in front of Peru or Argentina.

"Being in the selection is a dream.For every player it is a dream to dress those colors.Now I hope to take advantage of it and have minutes.Being able to grow and help my colleagues achieve great things, "he said.