Cordless shavers: Find out which one is best for you

Cordless shavers: Find out which one is best for you

rotary shavers

As its name suggests, this type of shaver differs from the others thanks to its rotating heads, three in particular. This class will be ideal if what you are looking for is a shave both dry and wet, as well as for men with very thick and thick beards.

Other advantages offered by this type of electric shaver are its ease of cleaning and the low noise it generates compared to the rest. So, if your requirements are included among some of those mentioned, this is, without any doubt, the best option for you.

flat head shavers

If what we need is precision, flat head shavers are the right choice. Thanks to their aligned blades, this type of shaver will allow us to adjust more exactly to the shape of our face.

These shavers are also very effective for medium-density beards and also for sensitive skin, since their level of irritation is much lower than that of the rest of their peers. Of course, you will have to be very careful with its cleaning, since this will have to be very common. Otherwise, it can be easily damaged.

foil shavers

Foil shavers are characterized by having a perforated metal foil under which the blades are hidden. They are ideal if we want to protect our skin from any irritation and we are looking for a versatile shave, capable of adjusting to different types of cuts.

Another of the strengths of this type of shaver is its speed. With them, it will take much less time to shave, although the shave may be less precise. Without a doubt, it is one of the options to consider if what you value is time and comfort.

Features to consider


Imagine that you are shaving and suddenly, without warning, your shaver decides to run out of battery, preventing you from finishing the process. It wouldn't do us any good, would it? That is why, when choosing our shaver, we always have to take into account the duration of its battery.

The rule is easy: the more autonomy you have, the better. As a general rule, shaving usually takes a maximum time of half an hour (depending on the type of cut you get, of course), so the best thing is that our shaver can offer us more or less that duration. You also have to take into account the charging speed of said battery. Again: the more, the better.


Each beard is a world and we all have a different way of wearing it. For this reason, choosing a versatile shaver is essential. We will have to make sure that our shaver has a wide range of functions.

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Not only will it help us that our shaver has different shaving lengths, but it is also convenient that it comes accompanied by different heads, such as for profiling. Only in this way can we guarantee that we have a series of tools that will help us to have our beard just the way we want.

The best cordless shavers: from lowest to highest price

Everything has been said about the features that our product has to have, so now we are going to show you some of the best cordless shavers that we can find on the market at a price that, without a doubt, will be very tempting for you.

Taurus Hubble Zoom

One of the brands that could not be missing from this article is Taurus. On this occasion, it makes an appearance with its Hubble Zoom model, a marvel with more than 90 minutes of autonomy, 12 positions and a series of essential accessories. All this and more can be yours for a figure that is usually around 30 euros. Where? On Amazon, of course.

Taurus Hubble Zoom Cordless Shaver Buy it for EUR23.97

Surker 9008

Our next guest has one of the richest feature lists on the market. In addition, its touch screen will allow us to carry out any of them in a comfortable and very simple way. But perhaps its strong point is the 90 minutes of autonomy it has. A true beast that you will find on Amazon for a total of 35 euros.

Surker 9008 cordless shaver Buy it at EUR35.99

Panasonic ES-SL33-K503

We continue with this spectacular Panasonic ES-SL33-K503. Its 3 blades and 13,000 oscillations make it an absolutely essential item if we want to guarantee a proper shave. Another point in its favor is its light and compact design, which will make shaving easier and protect our skin, especially if it is sensitive. This is also favored by its Multi-Fit Arc Blades system, designed to glide effortlessly across our skin. On the other hand, its blades adapt the Japanese art of creating swords, so they cannot be sharper, which is why our shave will be faster than ever.

If you have found it interesting, it can be yours for only 45 euros through the Amazon website.

Panasonic cordless shaver ES-SL33-K503Buy it atEUR45.00

Philips S3133/51 27

Without a doubt, Philips is one of the great manufacturers of shavers, as they show with this model. Few of its competitors can guarantee such an effective shave, thanks to the multiple functions it presents and that are perfectly adapted to our needs. One of its main hallmarks are the self-sharpening blades, thanks to which we will always have an optimal and very precise shave guaranteed. We cannot forget to mention its battery either, since with only 5 minutes of charging we will have a complete shave. Without a doubt, a true wonder.

Its price right now is around 45 euros, so it is a real bargain.

Philips cordless shaver S3133/51 27

Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500

Xiaomi does everything and everything well, even shaver. The proof of this is this Electric Shaver S500 with 3 W of power and double-track blades for a spectacular shave that is proof against everything. As always, the brand guarantees us a very competent price. On this occasion, its price orbits around 48 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 Cordless Shaver

Remington Graphite Series G4

If what we are looking for above all is versatility, this Remington is a great bet. And it is that it is accompanied by a total of 7 different heads, ideal for all kinds of performances. Its dimensions of 186 x 235 x 90 mm and its light weight of 360 grams make this shaver one of the most comfortable on the market. As if all this were not enough, it includes self-sharpening blades designed to provide a perfect and precise cut for years. Finally, it is also worth highlighting its sliding function, thanks to which we will shave effortlessly while our skin does not suffer any type of irritation. A perfect option if you are looking for a balanced product in all its aspects.

Without a doubt, its price is another great incentive, since in El Corte Inglés we have it for a really low price.

Remington Graphite Series G4 Cordless Shaver

Kensen KS-5390

We continue this selection with the Kensen model KS-5390, a 4-in-1 shaver that has three powerful heads with 360º mobility. Thanks to its innovative technology, you will have your shave ready in just one pass. But this is not all, since it has an incredible price that will leave you breathless.

Kensen KS-5390 cordless shaver Buy it at EUR37.99

Philips OneBlade Pro QP6510/20

We return to Philips to present its OneBlade Pro QP6510/20 model, one of the jewels in the brand's crown. It has 12 different positions, as well as a three-level battery indicator. Essential if you want a professional shave. You will find it in Fnac at a price that revolves around 59 euros.

Philips OneBlade Pro QP6510/20 cordless shaver

Ducati GK 808 Circuit

Do you want a pinpoint shave and also have a great battery life? Well then look no further because this awesome Ducati is what you need. Its precision will leave you speechless, just like its price since it is one of the best value for money shavers.

Ducati GK 808 Circuit Cordless Shaver

Braun Series 5 50-R1200s

We finish with this Braun Series 5 50-R1200s, with a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 3 weeks of shaving and the possibility of fast charging in 5 minutes. It is also one of the easiest to clean on the entire market, thanks to its EasyClean system.

Braun Series 5 Shaver 50-R1200s

Our recommendation

Throughout this article, we have reviewed a good handful of shavers of all kinds. But the time has come to get wet, to choose the ones that, at Topes de Gama, we would buy for our personal use according to the parameters that we have highlighted at the beginning.

The first of them would be the Philips S3133/51 27, since it is one of the best balance between quality and price. Another of the chosen ones is, without a doubt, the Remington Graphite Series G4, since very few can reach the degree of precision and definition that it offers us. The last one would be the Panasonic ES-SL33-K503, a very versatile tool, capable of offering us a long battery life and a simply perfect shave.