What will be of all these celebrities beauty brands in 2021?

Beckham met Creal, veteran beauty executive, in Estée Lauder.After launching a cosmetics capsule collection in that brand, he fell in love with his passion and business vision.While "it is undeniable," says Creal, that former Spice Girl is a celebrity, they do not consider Victoria Beckham Beauty to be a ‘celebrity brand’, but an independent full company company."Having Victoria as a partner, obviously, gives us a visibility that we would not have otherwise, but we still have to respond to the scrutiny and credibility that is required to any new beauty brand".

The importance of quality against influence

There is no doubt that celebrities exert a great influence on their followers;But to convince its consumers to buy their products, credibility and, more importantly, the highest quality are unnegotiable requirements."People not only buy a face, they also expect the product to work just as well as that of any other brand in which they trust," says Victoria Buchanan, a senior futuristic analyst of the strategic prospective consultant The Future Laboratory.

The public itself subscribes it."[I think some] celebrities are of poor quality because they believe that people are going to buy them the same," says Marion, consumer of the 17 -year -old generation of Toronto."But the product itself should be more important than the famous person or advertising".The quality, he says, has been the main reason to buy the few celebrities products that he has: an illuminator of Rare Beauty with very good reviews and a fenty corrector, for his wide range of tones.

¿Qué será de todas esas marcas de belleza de celebrities en 2021?

While it is true that a known character immediately announced the brand to consumers (which, if they are also fans, will be fixed much more), beauty products are rarely bought just by the name.In general, buyers distrust products, even more so if they are skin care;They do their own investigations and pay attention to the Expert Council.

As with all trends, the beauty bubble ‘Celebrity’ will end up clicking.The strong fall that fragrances of famous faces have suffered after reaching their peak in 2011 demonstrates what can end up happening when consumers get tired of a category.Nothing lasts forever and we are already attending a gradual change of interest towards hair care brands, such as Pattern de Tracee Ellis Ross, anomaly of Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and even to sexual welfare products, such as those in Cara Delevingne and Dakota Johnson.