The unknown trick so that when you throw the cream more effective

Skin care is imposed as the most profitable business line of cosmetic industry.According to information shared last October by the market data provider and information on statista consumers, this sector covers a market share of 35%, with a worldwide turnover that in 2018 reached 120 billion euros.

The users go to the points of sale in search of products that solve their most pressing concerns, and look at the ingredients that will better fulfill their function.But choosing the right cream is not enough.As Cristina Galmiche indicates, an expert in aesthetics with a homonymous center in Madrid: "Normally people are in a hurry and do not work the product correctly, in the morning or at night".

What should the user do at home so that cosmetics fulfill their function?"The first and most important thing, the skin must.«If there is color, it must be removed;If not, we must eliminate particles with a cleaner ».Mohedano opts for foams, while Galmiche prefers cleaner milks.The latter also recommends a deeper cleaning once a month."We can perform an oxygenation that makes small drains in the pore where both internal waste, as the fat of the epidermis itself, as external, that is, pollution are embedded.".

The next step, for both experts: go to a lotion or tonic before the cream, which can be applied with a cotton disk."The pH, which is altered with cleaning, is balanced," says Mohedano.

El desconocido truco para que al echarte la crema sea más efectiva

With the skin ready, you have to decide the cosmetic to use well.Nor are they always needed, nor are they worth all for the day and night.You must bet on the most appropriate according to the specific needs of the skin.Galmiche recommends more protective creams for the day and more regenerating during the night.

After these rituals, the way of distributing it by face, neck and neckline matters.Both aesthetic professionals and the industry recommend making a massage.Chanel, for example, has developed his for the new Le Lift line.In their three protocols they bet on the trick of applying slight pincon.

Both Galmiche and Mohedano resort to the most widespread recommendation: movements from the bottom up and from inside out."In this way we follow the direction of the muscles," says the aestheticist.The Japanese brand formation of the brand highlights: "Blood microcirculation is stimulated, oxygenation is promoted and nutrients are better moved".With this application the amount of product is controlled and homogeneously arrives at all corners."Many times it is used more than what is needed," says Mohedano.

The aestheticist Marta García, with a center in Oviedo, advises a drain for the neck."To combat sagging or loss of volume, you should massage from the middle of the chin to the ears and from the jaw down to drain".

The climax arrives with the sunscreen and the makeup, which will defend the skin against photoen."If the cream has been applied correctly, with the right amount and the product is good, it is not necessary to wait to finish the routine with protection and color," Mohedano and Galmiche coincide.

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