Innovative creation in organic cosmetics that exalts natural beauty

Innovative creation in organic cosmetics that exalts natural beauty

Vogue for Amparo Lópezla Mexicana Amparo López endorses natural beauty and care to the environment through an universe of organic and ecological cosmetics.A development that fuses avant -garde European technology and high quality ingredients.


Whether it is a matterThey represent the Skincare.And since at present the Beauty Universe has come to neutralize all kinds of limits, Amparo López has proposed to land with vigor to accompany a transformation of beauty that worships both naturalness and the future of ecology.

If we have in mind the path that has been permeating beauty in recent years, the Mexican brand of organic cosmetics, amparo López, corresponds to perfection with that universe Beauty without limits, which in turn is enhanced in that proposal thanks toA cruelty free philosophy, ecological packaging, zeroowaste concept and vast pigments derived from 100% natural minerals.

These products are not only a milestone for natural beauty, they also take care of the environment

Gone are those days in which it should be chosen between a conscious beauty and their own glamor that the makeup allies distil.With ingredients of natural origin cultivated without pesticides and without toxic chemicals, Amparo López ensures that the skin is receiving the best nutrients from plants, fruits, flowers and seeds, while granting extraordinary pigments.

La creación innovadora en cosméticos orgánicos que enaltece la belleza natural

The makeup line was developed by the Mexican Amparo López in Germany in 2015, combining beauty, well -being and spare parts systems, since the goal of its founder is ‘take care of both the skin of women, as of our environment’.

Thus, from Amparo López products it is possibleintense and respect for nature.

It should be noted that the makeup line offered.Among other great creations such as Chabacano seed dust, a large regulator of sebaceous production and an antioxidant against the signs of age, and lipsticks in red, discreet pink, peach, nude and intense lilac, which in turnThey are beneficial for their antioxidant and vitamin C ingredients that nourish and provide lasting coverage.

Beyond makeup products, there is a range of skincare alternatives that appeal for the most intrinsic component of organic and natural beauty.Such as its serum with rose petals for mature or dry skin, and argan oil created especially for fat-acnheic skin.The masks, meanwhile, do not contain any type of aggregate, and contribute to deeply detoxify the dermis, something that will undoubtedly bring better results to use a free makeup free makeup.

But not only their philosophy has been built to be governed by vivifySeptember, the prohibition of animals use is a fact that prouds the brand and contributes to the future of the industry.

Because there is nothing that conquered more than a full proposal in environmental care, from Amparo López they have decided to offer their organic cosmetics in organic bamboo packages, with a Refill system that reaches more than 90 products.

The universe of botanical and organic ingredients is just a click of distance thanks to the Mexican brand that materializes the power of well -being in beauty.