Counterfeit Telva Cosmetics: under examination in a Netflix documentary to warn of the danger of a million-dollar industry

"The beauty industry is valued at 400,000 million euros", thus begins the documentary that reveals everything that is behind millions of imitation products that are sold every day around the world and that you could hardly tell apart. You have been able to verify this if you have traveled to Morocco, Turkey or the United States where the percentage of sales of counterfeit cosmetic products is even higher despite having been manufactured in China.

The desire for the ultimate in beauty has fueled this dangerous, out-of-control industry that sells most of its products online. Kylie Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, Pat McGrath Labs or Huda Beauty are some of the most desired cosmetic firms, which is why all their products are found on the black market and with packaging that would be difficult to differentiate from the authentic one. But its creators, great makeup figures or beauty youtubers are capable of multiplying sales in a matter of seconds.

However, in this new installment of the streaming giant we will be able to check what cosmetics have that are regulated through statements by the founders of ColourPop Cosmetics, John and Laura Nelson, and you will be able to see in what conditions the products are manufactured imitations made up of a multitude of bacteria, carcinogenic substances and fecal remains.

Telva Counterfeit Cosmetics: Under Examination at a Netflix documentary to warn of the danger of a million-dollar industry

You will also be able to see in this one-hour docuseries the transformation that the cosmetics industry has undergone in just a few years and how the criminal figure or social networks have completely modified the communication of products and the way of reaching customers potentials.

But this is only the first chapter of the Broken saga that also talks about the addiction of young people to vaping, the manufacture of flimsy furniture or the farce of recycling.