Now you can try makeup from the Google search engine thanks to virtual reality

Now you can try makeup from the Google search engine thanks to virtual reality

The possibilities offered by augmented reality are increasing and its application in different areas continues to grow.If you are a network user like Instagram, you probably have made use of it several times.How?With the filters that allow you to add hats, glasses and makeup virtually.If you liked that experience, the proposal that Google has developed with L'Oreal and other cosmetic will be very interesting.

A few weeks ago we told you how virtual makeup landed on platforms such as Zoom, Duo and Skype, by L'Oreal.Now, this technology arrives at the Google search engine to help you buy without leaving home.Although many people prefer the experience of going to stores and seeing or trying the products closely, the tendency to buy from home is growing in pandemic times.

Now, when you look for "buy a lipstick" or "mask of eyelashes" through Google, you will find a new purchase experience.At the top of the search results you can see a series of options to find the appropriate product according to your skin tone and preferences.However, if you want to try the product you can do it thanks to the augmented reality.

Ahora puedes probarte maquillaje desde el buscador de Google gracias a la realidad virtual

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According to Techcrunch, this new virtual makeup experience is available in a limited number of brands.Among them include searches for L'Oreal, Mac Cosmetics, Black Opal and Charlotte Tilbury.To immerse yourself in the new experience you just have to look for a compatible product and play on the test button.In this way, the camera will turn on and they can navigate between different tones of mask of eyelashes and lipstick and see how they look in your skin.

Virtual makeup has come to stay

Google has assured that brands that are part of shopping are not paying to make use of this function.In this way we can see how new brands that connect with consumers are added over time.Virtual makeup seems to be the first movement of a series of proposals that seek to completely transform purchase experiences.