Georgie Greville tells us the secrets of Milk MakeUp

Georgie Greville tells us the secrets of Milk MakeUp

A few days ago we met in Madrid with Georgie Greville, co-founder and creative director of Milk MakeUp, to discover the latest launch of the firm that is creating a furor in Spain.

Cheerful, jovial, friendly and very close. These are just some of the adjectives with which we could describe Georgie Greville, or GG as they often call her. She is one of the co-founders of Milk MakeUp and also its creative director. This was our second meeting. Everything flowed easily and with a special connection, which only happens a few times. Neo2 and Milk MakeUp was a crush at first sight. We understand each other, we share visions and a common aesthetic. When we meet again, the joy of seeing each other again fills the atmosphere. A compliment to her look, Georgie Greville is one of those cool people, who conveys charisma and a strong image. "She's vegan leather" she confesses about the top proud of her. We began to talk about the importance of caring for the environment and the responsibility of educating the new generations. And all this has a reason. Milk MakeUp launches its first 100% vegan moisturizer: The Vegan Milk Moisturizer. Georgie Greville nos cuenta los secretos de Milk MakeUp Georgie Greville nos cuenta los secretos de Milk MakeUp

How did you become part of the Milk family? I used to work as a creative director at MTV, that was a long time ago. I really respected the community that I had created, because everywhere I've been I've always been a multidisciplinary person. But I have never wanted to tie myself to a single discipline, I discovered that in Milk everything is united. There are artists, painters, designers… they are people I want to have around and I feel that this spirit was what made me come here. I was a bit obsessed with Andy Warhol, the factory, and that's what made me come to New York. This idea of ​​creating a space where people help and collaborate with each other is a way of creating freedom. This is what I found in Milk, for me it is the factory of the modern world.

Did you start in the company from the beginning? Milk was founded in 1996 and I came to Milk in 2008 and we created Milk Make Up in 2017.

How do you combine your work as a producer with the creative direction of Milk? I consider myself a creative person above all. In the creative department of Milk we think about what we want and how we can go further. In how we can be more effective, which in the end is what any company pursues. We ask ourselves how we are going to continue doing it in the future, it cannot only be effective but it has to be valuable. For me, production and creative direction go hand in hand.

Georgie Greville nos cuenta los secretos de Milk MakeUp

In which areas do you apply your creative direction? Are you also involved in the creation of products, packaging, etc…? Sometimes yes. I am more involved in giving the brand a voice, but occasionally I also collaborate in the beginning of creating a product, create a mood board and give soul and identity to the product with the creative team. Then we develop the product from there. I can't tell you that 20% of my time is involved in product development, but values ​​influence everything else.

How long does it take you to create a new product? Well, it depends, because the product we create is very innovative. In general, if all goes well, around 18 months. But if there is any setback it could be up to two years, so between 18 months and two years, but for any other brand it is much faster than this, in the big brands it is even two per year.

“Our creative team doesn't want to do anything that already exists, that's why they always try to innovate and surprise the client. We do something new, something that surprises, something that refreshes the industry”. Says Georgie Greville about the creative process behind Milk MakeUp.

What is the image you want to project of Milk? At every stage of the day you have to take care of yourself and ask yourself what you want to express. So every act is a creative act. For example, choose what you are going to eat that day that will make you feel better, what project you are going to undertake, what job you are going to choose... We live too worried and now it is time to listen to ourselves and do what you feel. That will be your truth and your highest expression, it is very spiritual indeed.

How have these last months been in Spain since your launch? Wonderful, Spain is our biggest market in Europe. We are growing a lot, the numbers have always been very high, we are doing very very well here. We feel at home, the brand values ​​are very well understood here.

What is the best-selling product here in Spain? Well Hydro Grip Primer, it's crazy. I think it's because it's the way to get glowing skin. But also the Kush mascara, the flex concealer, the sticks... But yes, Hydro is the most used, because it is basically skin care and makeup product at the same time. It is the perfect hybrid.

"If someone asks me about trends... Sustainability is the real trend," says Georgie Greville, creative director of Milk Make Up, the sustainable, cruelty-free makeup and cosmetics brand with natural ingredients.

Will there be more color products in the makeup line? Yes! Very interesting things are coming. I think we're the Sephora brand that's 50% skincare and 50% makeup. A lot of times if you're a makeup brand that makes some kind of skin care product you're not taken very seriously. We want to be equally strong on both sides, so we're always innovating to keep that balance. Because you know, skin care is always very important, it's part of the same routine. Being at Milk means growing all the time and giving our customers new products.

Now you are launching a new product, The Vegan Milk Moisturizer. How is it different from others on the market? I think it's a new luxury moisturizer, but within the reach of any client. In the past we thought of skin care as something hierarchical, destined for luxury. But in products you can see the ingredients that the products are made of and you can buy luxury without spending too much money. The price is $38, and you can use it day and night, so it's great for people with busy schedules who can use one product for different phases of the day. It is also very good that this compound with clean, vegan, silicone-free materials.

At Milk you have many cosmetic products, but is this product the beginning of a new cosmetic line? Vegan Milk will be its own family of products. We have taken skin care more seriously, which I am not saying that others are not serious, in fact they work great, but we have taken this product more seriously so that anyone can use it. The others are great but this one is the one that anyone could use.

What is Georgie Greville's favorite product? The Kush mascara is amazing, I also really like the new foundation, in fact it's the one I use, I also like the new stick mascaras, they are very natural. In addition, to use them you do not need to know anything about skin care, it is very simple, it takes about 35 minutes, you apply it to your face as if it were a makeup base and you have different benefits, your skin shines and is fresher.

And like a rock band, Georgie Greville and her team have toured Europe to present the brand's novelties. They promise to return in August to celebrate their year in Spain in style. But we'll have an appointment in a few days. We will visit the mythical Milk Studios in New York and we promise to tell you everything.