Everything you should know about red -haired coloration before doing it: from hydration to the natural appearance

Red is one of the top colors of autumn.That is why, when this time of year arrives, many people decide to dye their hair, a tone that only has 1% of women naturally.It must be taken into account, in addition to knowing that red is a daring color and that all people do not usually sit well, that before throwing themselves into the adventure of the change of look it is advisable to take into account a series of factors so that theFinish is perfect.We tell you!

From natural hair without dyeing

Lo más recomendable será partir de un color natural y no teñido.divinity.es

Getting that hair tone is not easy and, therefore, it will be better if you have natural and not dyed hair.If you have not used dyes in your hair, what will be done is to apply a reddish color, without decoloring, with different volumes in the root, in the media and on the tips.It will be very important that the product is distributed well throughout the hair, since, otherwise, it will be pieces and the result will be a disaster.

Red is a complicated tone for dark or dyed hair

In the event that your hair is dyed, pigments will have to be decongestant with a specific treatment.Although yes, you should know that one of the most complicated challenges will be those that start from the dark brunette.This will not have salvation.The only solution will be to discolor the hair before to achieve a red and uniform tone throughout the hair.

Go to a professional

Además, la primera vez se deberá realizar en un sitio profesional.divinity.es

Todo lo que debes saber sobre la coloración pelirroja antes de hacértela: de la hidratación al aspecto natural

In the event that you are dying you must know that the most recommended that you do it in the hands of a professional.Maintenance can be done at home, but the first time it is recommended that you do it in a hairdresser.

Hydration is basic

Before you do it, it will also be advisable to hydrate it as much as possible.Therefore, on the eve of the coloration you must apply a moisturizing mask, which will close the cuticles.In addition, hair texture will have to be taken very well.

Always maintenance with specific products

Una vez que te hayas tintado deberás mantener el color y la textura del pelo con un tratamiento.divinity.es

Once you have dyed you should know that it will be best to apply a shampoo for red hair as well as a specific conditioner.The latter is especially necessary to make effect on hair fiber and recover the neutral pH.

Heat, at least, the better

Very important is also knowing that we will not have to submit our hair to too much heat, since the hair will dehydrate faster and the important pigments will be lost to maintain the perfect red tone.