Cruelty Free Cosmetic: Let's get serious

They already call it the laboratory of horrors.The last case of animal abuse uncovered in the Living Laboratory, in three songs (Madrid), has revealed the need for a change of course.

The images, which were disseminated by the Cruelty Free International organization, have been so painful that few have been able to see the full sequences.

It soon mobilized animalist associations from all over Spain asking for the closure of the laboratory and that they were given to mistreated animals.And although at first it seemed that there was hope, it has only been possible to suspend the activity.From animals, today there is no trace (and that is known, there are about 880 inside).

Well, all this has done nothing but again the eternal debate about the need for control and limitation of these practices lacking morality. Mientras llega una solución con algo más de humanidad que lo poco mostrado en el último caso de Madrid, sólo podemos hacer una cosa: no colaborar con ello.

And as if it were a macabre joke, all this has happened while at the same time the World Laboratory Animal Day was held (last April 24).

Did you know that only in our country, more than 800 are used per year.000 animals for experimentation?Do you know the practices used in these experiments to test the safety of a product?But best of all: did you know that there is a good range of alternatives that avoid leaving the rabbits or guinea pigs that prove your creams blind to death?

Siqui Sanchez

Vivotecnia images are important.Painful, but really important.They demonstrate what animal associations have been chasing and denouncing years.And as much as we think we are already in the future, nothing has changed about what happened decades ago.Overcrowding conditions and abuse without shame remains a common practice.

Although European legislation prohibits experimentation in animals to obtain cosmetic products since 2013 (they have been out of this prohibition, chemical or pharmaceutical products), Chinese authorities are another story.

Do not ignore the last great news about it.At the beginning of last March, we learned that as of May 1, 2021, China will eliminate the obligation to experiment in animals as a security test requirement for imported "general" cosmetics. Y con generales especifican que son todos aquellos productos que no llevan consigo apellidos como “antiedad”, “blanqueante”, “anti-acné”… Es decir, no se realizarán estas pruebas en animales cuando se trate de productos importados como champús generales, geles, lociones de baño o maquillaje.And this is a large part of the market (most of the market).And a great step towards animal free cruelty totally.


By the way, two new alternative methods to animal experimentation have also been approved by China.Another small step towards a more ethical future.

Cosmética Cruelty Free: pongámonos serios

Of course, they are capes to tie.Selling in China is so far (except for May 1 and all the specifications of the new laws) testing yes or yes in animals to ensure their safety, worth the redundancy.Every year, more than 300 are used in China.000 animals to check it.Among them, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats ...

And selling in China is, as multinational, a delicious portion of the cake.Few are those who say not everything is worth.Although luckily, they are more and more.

Dani Serrano

What does the Cruelty Free seal mean?

Is it evident, isn't it?You would expect a product that carries with it the message ‘Cruelty Free’ that has not needed animal cruelty until you reach your hands and that is also a safe and responsible product.

That it is cruelty free to 100%, in addition, it is not only a matter of ethics and love for animals, but sustainable behavior aimed at the preservation of species on earth.

Adam Gault

¿Son realmente todos los productos que llevan las palabras ‘Cruelty Free’, CRUELTY FREE de verdad?

And this is where the trap enters.That product may carry the cruelty free seal, it is (because if they would not be committing an illegality).However, that this product is free of animal cruelty does not mean that the brand that markets it, it is.And if you are interested.Why do they do it?Easy: If not, they can't sell in China.

If you want to use 100% free cosmetics of animal cruelty, make sure the brand is also.Only in this way you will be avoiding all those hidden traps that only make the decisions of the people who do want to be consistent.

But can a Cruelty Free brand and manufacture in China?

Because this is a different point.And the answer is yes.And, that a brand manufactures in China does not always mean that its sale will be in China.

As they express from the Cruelty Free Press blog, in which they give voice to all this type of information, “it can be confusing to see that a brand that claims to be cruelty free and has an official certificate, puts on its label 'manufactured in China'.And that's where the key resides.

According to their legislation, any brand that wants to sell within its borders (whether foreign or national) -and except that they only want to sell in Hong Kong or through the Internet -their products must undergo these tested controls in animals.

And if that were little information, the cosmetics produced in China also has its own laws.But in summary: you can manufacture in China without animal cruelty, if you do not sell your products there.And there are examples.

A well -known makeup brand, marks with - apparently - the official certification of PETA thus exempts its products of animal cruelty, produced in China but without selling them there.So far, all normal.

All its products seemed exported to the rest of the world.And as in the rest of the world, animal experimentation is not mandatory and is even prohibited, a problem solved.But was it really that?

Well, unfortunately not.They were from the Cruelty Free Kitty blog, founded by Suzana Rose with the aim of creating conscious and responsible consumers, where they uncovered the play: the brand was selling secretly in Continental China, where the tests with animals remain mandatory.This happened in 2019, when they received the sneak that they had a retailer in the area.

From the Ethical Elephant blog, one of the reference sites to know everything related to the latest in vegan and free options of animal cruelty in fashion and beauty, they have a rather explanatory infographic in this regard.


What is the Leaping Bunny program?

Surely you've seen it in many products.The famous bunny that indicates that this product has not made any animal suffer so that you can use it safely.Well, it is the seal of the Leaping Bunny program, of the Cruelty Free International Association.The same one that has uncovered the live case.

When you see it, you know that you have a product before you with the seal of the world gold standard regarding animal -free cosmetics.It is the only international recognized program that controls the brands they make, commission to third parties or participate in animals tests.Which requires that the brands that request it, implement monitoring systems to their suppliers so that see that everything is fulfilled.That verifies each step in the supply chain so that there is no bad praxis, until the end.Which requires that its policies and limits be fulfilled if you want this quality seal and that allows independent audits throughout the process to guarantee all compliance.

Songsak Aromyim / EyeEm

Alternatives free of animal cruelty

Of course there are options.Many great organizations have already put ambitious projects on the table with respectful alternatives so that their products do not have to be tested in animals.

For example: the manufacture of human skin in laboratory.This human skin has been achieved thanks to synthetic cultivation for patient skin donations.They come, for example, abdominoplasty operations, chest reductions and even phimosis operations.

After testing in these human laboratory skins, the final tests are done with human volunteers who finish discarding side, allergic or irritating effects.This is already doing it in the Episkin Laboratory, in L’Oréal, located in Lyon and launched in 2011.


And although the brand still does not have the guarantees that all its products are cruelty free because it is immersed in the Chinese market, its advances to achieve alternative methods are also worthy of mention.-1, +1.

In fact, as described by the journalist Manuel Ansede in the country, the multinational manufactures every year between 100.000 and 130.000 units of human skin that are then sold to other companies in the world of cosmetics for animal -free tests.

In the United States something similar is also being done.In fact, they are the direct competitors of the Episkin Laboratory.They are called Mattek and have been working since 1985, when two engineers from the Massachusetts Institute launched it.

In 2014 the L’Oréal Group opened another of these human skin factories in Shanghai.Of course, specialized in Asian leather, its main market.Step by Step.

Ojo con el reclamo

Be careful, because not all brands that claim to be cruelty free, are absolutely moralistic and honest. Y es que, como bien dijo Perry Romanowski en su podcast, no todas las marcas que no testan en animales dejan de ser “asesinas de animales”.And the reality is that in places like the United States, the abolition of these tests was done, among other things, not because of the cruelty primarily, but because it was really more expensive than doing it in other methods.


Brands that do not test

Do you want a good list to start consuming cosmetics free of animal cruelty?Do you want to start not contributing to this scourge?In crueltyfree.Peta.Org you can consult all brand lists that test and do not try in animals until today, including vegan companies, products by region or country, by type of cosmetic, companies that are working for change ... and ultimately, put names and surnamesTo choose with all the information, how to prepare your next bag more ethically and responsible.

The world is also waiting for your way forward.Everything counts.

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