Krash Cosmetics heart, the brand of 'make-up' to full of color without gender and very funny: we talk to them

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Created by those who want to celebrate the art of makeup regardless of their gender, their ethnicity or its size, Krash Cosmetics has already revolutionized the world of cosmetics.The Spanish brand, founded in 2018 by the Youtuber Álvaro Kruse, has become the first to break all the barriers.Everyone has a place in it.

With more than 100 points of sale distributed throughout the national territory, Krash Cosmetics has broken the rules so that everyone can express themselves through beauty regardless of who you are.But how did everything start?The style has spoken with the brand.

How was the idea of launching this cosmetics brand?

Krash Kosmetics was born from the need to find something that did not exist in the Spanish market: a brand of Make-Up Full of color without gender and very funny.Many brands that place in exhibitors and creativity to girls of different ages, and then sell it to the public as something super diverse placing it in the hands of male influencers, for example.With Krash, the goal was always to break those gender barriers creating campaigns with boys, curvy girls, of different ethnicities, ages...A real brand for real people, but really.

The story behind the name is...

The K has always accompanied its founder, Álvaro Kruse, and his first beauty brand could not count on her.Krash's name was always clear, since we wanted to play with onomatopoeia to represent the rupture with the rules of the cosmetic industry.

What is your philosophy?

Corazón Krash Cosmetics, la marca de 'make-up' a full de color sin género y muy divertida: hablamos con ellos

Makeup without labels, diverse and fun, that accepts everyone and, of course, respectful of the environment.A makeup for all according to the real world in which we live.

Who said men don't make up?

Traditionally, makeup has always been associated with an instrument whose sole purpose is to beautify women.Times have changed and makeup is no longer considered only that, but becomes an artistic instrument.How we like to say in Krash, makeup is an art, and as art you can't have a genre.

Should we invest a lot of money in cosmetics to be?

As a consumer it does not always have to.There are high quality products framed within low cost ranges, which is what we always try to offer in Krash.Our way of working is to take great care of each product, from the packaging to each ingredient, reformulating and improving it until we are totally satisfied with the result, but this does not always have to imply a price increase to the consumer.

What are the star products?

All our products have their history, but if we have to choose, there are two that are very special.Kadiz, our fine and hyper dazzling powder illuminator, was the first product to go on sale and today is still one of our best sellers.Another of the most iconic products are the EyexShadow Palette, a collection of six shadow palettes inspired by ruptures.With names of ex -boyfriends and vindictive tones, in addition to a super pigmentation and 50 grams of product, these palettes have become a sales success and one of the best known products of the brand.

Have you noticed the effect of pandemic for better or worse?

We were very lucky since we had a strong positioning in the digital world.Our clients were already very accustomed to get Krash via online, both on our own website and in our distributors.The absence of physical stores always shows, but we save it with imagination and a lot of work.

The beauty routine that we should not skip

You can definitely not miss a day and night facial care routine.The skin is always the first and, no matter how much you invest in makeup or how good this is, if you do not have a good base on which to apply them, what you apply for nothing is useful.

What does Krash Kosmetics have that has no other brands?

Krash Kosmetics is not just makeup, it is also a philosophy.The philosophy that we all enter the cosmetic industry, and that art and fun are also to find in it.In addition, Krash offers at a low cost price in very quality products, very careful and the most original market packagings and collections.

Everything is vegan and ecofriendly ...

Our makeup is 100% vegan and cruelty free, this means that it does not contain any component of animal origin and that, of course, we do not test in them.We believe in the ecological transition and in the responsibility of companies to carry it out, we never consider doing it otherwise.There is still much to do, but we look small in the medium term that can approach a more complete sustainability, such as eliminating all the plastic from our packagings.

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