5 makeup trends for summer 2021: this is how you will do your makeup on vacation

We can say that in 2020 we realized how important self-care was. The world forced us to stop forcefully. That's why we started exercising, to find out how our mental health was (since we exposed ourselves to a limit situation) and, in addition to all that, our skin underwent great changes due to the stress of something so difficult. We had to rebuild ourselves.

Right now our life is spent between improvisation, we have never been so clear about the good part that exists in getting rid of long-term plans. Because when you don't know what's going to happen, you make decisions from the heart, trying to choose what makes you feel good almost every moment. And they are choices from the deepest, that really want.

That is why this summer, in the face of uncertainty, we return to the base. What is urgent are the meetings, to vaccinate ourselves, to protect ourselves and to enjoy the simple things. All this is transferred to the way we put on makeup, since it is still an exercise in self-expression.

We thought it was going to be taking off our mask in public spaces and filling our faces with color with the latest makeup, very trendy. But it has not been like that, we have gone from months with our pajamas on teleworking with a bow to being able to breathe air with more freedom, within what is possible.

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Therefore, we are experiencing an absolute transition of everything, and it takes time. We don't really feel ready to celebrate because we are still far from declaring victory, even if we see the light at the end of the tunnel. So we went from returning to skincare habits to a progressive integration of makeup.

It is precisely at this moment that we are where, invaded by a wave of naturalness and recovery of hope, the summer 2021 makeup trends clearly tend towards lightness, implicit treatment, juiciness, poorly covered skin, eyelashes that begin to be enhanced with love and without haste and lips that prepare for the best kiss of their lives.

'Soft glow skin': nude and juicy

We start with the canvas that holds everything else. The face wants you not to cover it, simply to take care of it, protect it and enhance its identity. That is why we opt for products that are not covering, we forget about the matte, stiff effect and we go for a 'second skin' effect. The most important thing is that glowing effect from being healthy, it's what they call 'soft glow skin'.

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Therefore, we will want tinted sun creams, low-coverage and moisturizing foundations, correctors in strategic points that leave our freckles free and little else.

'Anthelios with color' by La Roche Posay


ISDIN's 'Fusion Water Colour'.


cheeks with blush

The necessary touch of color to show juiciness, healthy skin, 'chok chok' effect, as the Koreans say. Little more to say, and as for the textures, they will prevail in cream, the powder is reserved for when the absence of a mask is total. And the colors tend to nude, peach or pink.

In fact, if you search Google: "summer 2021 makeup trends" (yes, with keywords) what will appear is a girl with bare skin and slightly rosy cheeks.

'Lip & Cheek' by Milk Makeup.


'Cheeks out freestyle' by Fenty Beauty.


natural look

The upper third of the face is the one that has never been covered during the pandemic. And luckily the eyes are the most expressive part of our face and say what we often silence with our lips. That is why it is the most careful part this year and the previous one. That is why aesthetic medicine has had a great presence throughout this time. But we don't go crazy with the look either, we do enhance it, little by little we recover solid shadows, eyeliners and a little more color.

But no, graphic eyeliners are not coming back, as happened in 2019. Now we are more cautious, because we are once again learning to see life in a different way and that is why we build ourselves from the ground up, that is: black eyeliners, white eyeliners, with some glitter, iridescent shadows in cream or peach colors, soft smoked, the water line returns to emphasize or broaden the look and defined but natural eyelashes, we do not use false ones either.

'BADgal Bang' by Benefit.


'In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Mascara' by MAC.


juicy lips

Our pending subject is lipstick. We have forgotten that cosmetic that made us so happy and has been replaced by moisturizing balms that were not uncomfortable to wear with a mask. But until now these petroleum jelly or lip nourishing products were colorless.

We have forgotten about creamy, matte, fixed textures. In general, quite a bit of color. But the lipstick is back, especially in its most comfortable formula.

No, we are not in the era of fixed makeup, much less in summer. We will opt for the classic lipsticks, the gloss may even reappear slightly, the velvety, creamy textures... It is also a slow progression to put on lip makeup.

'XO Lip' by KVD Beauty.


'Creamy Turquoise Lipstick' by Saigu Cosmetics.


The light as protagonist

This has a background that is related to the psychological. Returning to the light side of life on a deeper plane also translates to the light that we give off physically. That is why liquid highlighters will have a lot of presence in summer.

Those that are discreet and with a 'water effect' finish will triumph, in cream, gel format and that do not contain obvious glitter particles.

This type of product will not only be applied to the upper part of the cheekbones, it will also be mixed with the makeup base, it will be applied to the eyelids, to Cupid's bow... Reflect and attract light as the pillar of everything.

'HYPO Hypoallergenic Liquid Glow Highlighter' by Bell.


'Positive Light' by Rare Beauty.


What will not be trending

You will save, for the moment, for winter everything that is strident, too flashy, fixed, that takes up space on the face and is obvious. We are living in the era of minimalist makeup, of juicy skin where the idea is to gradually reintegrate it and find its niche.

It is still a way to express ourselves and show the world how we feel or what we want to teach it.

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