These are the products for the ‘Curly Method’ with great expectation of Mercadona

Mercadona sabe cómo llegar a los consumidores con productos que tienen una alta demanda en el mercado. Por ello, ahora ha querido lanzar una gama de productos destinadas a la rutina capilar de las personas que realizan el ‘método curly‘.Estos son los productos para el ‘método curly’ con gran expectación de Mercadona Estos son los productos para el ‘método curly’ con gran expectación de Mercadona

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This routine has as its main function to nourish and hydrate people with curly hair, since they are one of the most rebellious and most difficult types to treat.

Estos son los productos para el ‘método curly’ con gran expectación de Mercadona

In this case, experts on the subject ensure that these types of routines intended for this type of hair are perfect to prevent frizz and give them the necessary hydration.Something that is really going to be perceived with the naked eye.


And it is that without a doubt Mercadona is one of the supermarkets where we are going to find a wide range of products to meet many needs.

But, in this case, we are going to talk about one of the most anticipated by lovers of hair care routines.And is that the ‘Curly‘ method is currently followed by thousands and thousands of people around the world.

Now, with new Mercadona products specifically designed to monitor this method, you can carry it out without spending a lot of money on the process.


Mercadona has a wide range of products for the ‘Curly Method’

If there is a supermarket chain that can offer us any type of product we need, that is Mercadona.And since its journey began, it has launched a lot of new products that are really worth trying.

In this case, the supermarket directed by Juan Roig, wanted to ride one of the most followed hair methods in recent times.And that is none other than the ‘Curly‘ method, one of the most interesting for people with curly hair.

Thus, Mercadona wanted to launch a wide range of products to carry out this method that are really very effective if you want to prevent frizz and clarify your curls.

Among them we will find a shampoo, a mask, a conditioner, a gel and a serum.All of them destined for people with curly hair who are following this hair care technique and want to do so by testing new products from Mercadona.

The price ranges between 2 and 4 euros, so it can be very interesting for those who are thinking of starting with this routine without spending a lot of money.

Unfortunately, this range of products for the ‘Curly Method’ is not available in all Spanish cities.Although, as always happens, little by little they will be including these in each of the supermarkets that Mercadona has distributed by Spain and Portugal.

This is the best -selling body exfoliating cream

In addition, hair products, Mercadona is also reputed to sell products dedicated to skin care.In this case, it markets a body exfoliating cream that we can try for less than 4 euros.

If you have decided to buy this product, you will observe that its texture is quite thick to ensure good skin cleaning causing all dead skins that can stay in it.

The format in which we are going to find this cream today is in a 250 ml boat, at a price of € 3.80.Something that really makes it worthy that at least we try the product.

In addition to body creams, Mercadona has a wide variety of creams specially elaborated to take care of the skin of the face.And is that this is undoubtedly one of the most delicate of our entire body.

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