The beauty secrets of ‘and Just Like That’: How makeup helps define the updated version of ‘Sex in New York’

Spy the series of makeup of the series reveals the tricks, techniques and concepts behind the look of each character

By Lauren Valenti

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Much has rained in the world and in culture since those first days of sex in New York in which its four protagonists stepped on the streets with Manolo Blahniks, their cosmopolitans collided in the fabulous parties of Samantha Jones and counted their sexual feats during the brunch in the cafeteria.

In and Just Like That, the new series reboot that premiered yesterday in HBO, three of the original protagonists –Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis)-returnTo the load now facing the challenges of median age, from the vital changes that naturally carries this new most mature phase to the physical transformation indissolubly to aging."There are a lot of misogynist chatter around us that would never be dedicated to a man," Parker claimed in the cover article that dedicates this December to the United States, in reference to the age comments that some actresses that have beenA bold to celebrate their gray hair and wrinkles.

At the same time, an encouraging change has occurred in Hollywood;A change by which we finally begin to see projects that extol and detail the real life of older women, portraying them with authenticity but also, as in the case of the latest sex delivery in New York, with an aspirational style and attitude.Yes: Both things can coexist happily and so underline the head of the Makeup Department of and Just Like That, Sherri Berman Laurence: "I am a 53 -year -old woman, in a way I have grown up with these women," she says."So seeing that in such a series is being held to so many fifty -year -old women, in a realistic but glamorous way, it excites me a lot."

To find the concept of and Just Like That makeup, Laurence sat with the director of the series, Michael Patrick King, and with the costume designer, Molly Rogers, to make sure they adopted a joint integral approach: "It is aMaravilla working with someone like [King] who cares seriously about the looks: for makeup, hairstyle and costumes, "says Laurence.“Everyone gets together with each other.If one does not work, nobody works.Michael Patrick King is a visionary and he knows exactly [what he wants].He has a clear image in the head and dealing with him is a very interesting process. ”Although each character started from a different approach, there was a common line: "[King] was very specific in not trying to seem younger than they are, but enhance the beauty they already have," says Laurence.And I think we did so. "

In simpler terms, the expert describes the evolution of the original characters in terms of the beauty approach they have followed: Carrie, "fresh and spontaneous"; Miranda, "something more made and more aware of itself"; and Charlotte, "luxurious and very fixed." They join Che Díaz (Sara Ramírez), the first non -binary character of the series, monologue and Podcast announcer that "embraces her natural beauty" and exhibits personalized tattoos; Sema Patel (Sarita Choudhury), a powerful real estate agent who opts for "Glamor to the style of the golden Hollywood", with lips in jewel tones and corner of the well -marked eye; Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker), a "very elegant and neat" documentary that heads the list of the best dressed, with an impeccable and sculpted complexion; and Dr. Nya Wallace (Karen Pittman), a Columbia Law teacher who bets on a "sober and natural" style with a non-make up makeup dominated by a skin that lights up from the inside and nude lips.

Los secretos de belleza de ‘And just like that’: cómo el maquillaje ayuda a definir la versión actualizada de ‘Sexo en Nueva York’

"In almost all, we focused a lot on the skin," Laurence explains about the emphasis that was filmed in which all actresses wore a glowing complexion: "What we did with all was never trying to hide their age, butenhancing the beauty of each one. The women of this age are beautiful. And I like that we do not try to make them look like 30 years old. "

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Although Parker, Nixon and Davis worked with their own make -up makers, the set was filled with favorites of plenty of known dresses. The Shade and Illuminate Soft Radiance makeup base of Tom Ford was one of the Aces Beauty: "It is a creamy makeup base that illuminates without it being brilliant," Laurence praises its moisturizing formula with hyaluronic acid, which offers an average coverage to Complete with the fair amount of light diffuser pigments. "It's curious because, as I said before, I was already in this makeup then and I'm still being now," he explains. "New products always come out that change the panorama. They are no longer so matte and so dusty, they are more illuminating without becoming brilliant." Along the same lines, the cheekbones were worked with a softer and more light makeup, from a pink and juicy effect to a subtle sun touch. "The blush is no longer as intense as before, it is more a blush," he explains about creamy and melted formulas that were used on the set, such as the Tom Ford's duos and blusher Ta. As for the lips, they also traveled from 90 to 2020. “The eyeliners of that time were a little darker than the lip, they were more defined and the eyeliner showed more than now. Now it seeks to melt it evenly to enhance the natural shape of the lip. ” To get a juicy touch, the Dior Stellar de Dior lip gloss was one of the most used, along with the delineators and lipsticks of Charlotte Tilbury in tones that imitate (but improve) the natural tone of the lip.

To refresh and awaken the looks, it was chosen above all for shadows and eyeliners that enlarged the eye and lifted the features."With the eyes, the important thing is to create forms that upload them and raise them instead of making them fall," says Laurence, and adds that matte or satin textures are usually the ones that most favor mature eyelids."The eyeliner also must also be drawn on the outside, instead of following exactly the line of the eyelashes," she adds.The Lashify Kit control allows small groups of silk tabs to be inserted between the natives without being noticed and concentrated especially in the outer corner of the eye to add length and volume."They open their eyes a lot," says Laurence on the universal appeal of leafy eyelashes.

Regarding skin care, Laurence counts, the subtle hydration veils with the Tatcha Skin Skin Cult- and the Pause Well Aring tool - to stimulate fascia - were essential to help keep the faces dazzling and nourished throughout filming.

Among the thousands of comments that already circulate about the premiere of and Just Like That, one thing is safe: the individual treatment with which each character has been made up, with absolute respect for each age and each personality, is worthy of admiration: “The truth is that it is not something that looks a lot today ... to gather all these mature women, so glamorous but without going overload, ”says Laurence."It's very exciting and is very missing. I think it's going to help fifty -year -old women feel more beautiful."

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