Telva your beauty routine if you have more than 50 years, it must include hydration, exfoliation and cleanliness

Telva your beauty routine if you have more than 50 years, it must include hydration, exfoliation and cleanliness

Creams are the products that will help you wear splendid, bright and younger skin

Over the years, the skin refines and becomes drier, which causes the appearance of deeper wrinkles.That is why in the beauty routine of mature skins, hydration should not be missing, with assets such as hyaluronic acid, nor exfoliation to support cell renewal that slows down with age, and of course, cleaning, an essential step forenhance luminosity.If you have more than 50, take note of the products that can not be missing in your daily ritual.

From 50, due to the hormonal changes caused by menopause, the woman's skin becomes finer and more fragile, tends to be more dry and tirade, and, in addition, deep wrinkles, sagging, spots and loss of luminosity appear.That is why it is important to adapt the beauty routine to the new skin state.The steps that can not be missing are hydration, with creams that help avoid water loss and maintain skin comfort for hours.Exfoliation, essential because natural cell renewal becomes slower with age.With the use of chemical exfoliants you can stimulate it, to treat wrinkles, spots and other age signs.Nor should we ignore clean.And finally, sun protection, to avoid spots and other negative effects of UV rays such as collagen and elastin loss.These are the products that should not be missing in your beauty routine from 50.

Supra Radiance Hydration Cream Anti-Ox Renewal of Lierac

Anti -aging facial that hydrates, nourishes and smoothes the skin instantly.Thanks to the soft focus powders the complexion radiates luminosity.The supra radiance cream of Lierac includes in its white brown, detoxifying, antioxidant and cellular reactivator formula, as well as the Hyalu-3 complex, deeply filler and straightener.In addition, it contains marula oil, rich in Omega 3, which restores the hydrolyzing layer to reinforce the skin barrier function.His soft floral and female fragrance with notes of Freesia, Pepper Pink and Tonka is a plus.Sale at Amazon.(42.53 euros) Buy it here.

Exfoliation with intensive AHA peel serum concentrated institute sthedderm

Telva Tu rutina de belleza si tienes más de 50 años debe incluir hidratación, exfoliación y limpieza

Chemical peel with alphahidroxy acids and betahydroxy acids, selected for unbeatable efficacy and tolerance, even in sensitive skin.Intensive Aha Peel Sérum Concentrate of Institut Esthederm is an excellent solution to eliminate spots, acne brands or dilated pores.Alfahidroxy acids help cell regeneration and skin hydration, while betahydroxy acids reduce imperfections such as pores and comedones.It should be applied at night, letting it act 10 to 15 minutes.The ideal is to use it as an intensive treatment for 1 or 2 months, so that the skin recovers its luminosity, and looks younger, with less wrinkles and less imperfections.Sale at Amazon.(53.66 euros) Buy it here.

Cleaning with Optimal Optimal Facial Cleaner Results by Paula's Choice

Anti -wrinkle and creamy cleaner that eliminates dirt and delicate and effective makeup.The Optimal Sales of Paula's Choice clean the skin without resecting it, and fighting the signs of cutaneous aging.In its formula the green tea extract stands out, with antioxidant and soothing properties for the skin.You must clean the skin in the morning and at night, applying the cleaner on the face by circular movements and then clarifying with plenty of water to remove the remains.Sale at Amazon.(28 euros) Buy it here.

Sun protection with ultra isdin age repair photo

Ultralight sunscreen that provides intense hydration and triple anti -fot action.Protects the skin of the sun and pollution, repairs the accumulated solar damage at the cellular level and reverts the visible signs of the photoenexing.Photo Ultra Isdin Age Repair offers high protection thanks to its SPF 50 filters.In addition, it is hypoallergenic, Oil Free and not comedogenic.Apply it as the last step of the facial routine of day and reaplies every 2 hours if you are exposed to UV rays.Sale at Amazon.(25.44 euros) Buy it here.

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