shocking! María Becerra showed her face with acne and her fans could not believe it


The singer shared a series of photos on Instagram.


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Source: Instagram @mariabecerra

ARGENTINA – María Becerra has been rising like wildfire. She is one of the most prominent emerging artists. Despite her short career, her talent has placed her among the most listened to around the world. All in a very short time. And not only that, she has a unique personality that has helped her even more. She has won the hearts of thousands of fans.

¡Impactante! María Becerra mostró su cara con acné y sus fans no lo podían creer

Among her virtues, it could be said that the native of Argentina is usually very transparent when it comes to expressing herself. That is why she has recently been giving what to talk about. A few hours ago, she shared her skincare routine through a video posted on YouTube by Vogue. However, what caught the most attention was the transformation that she had.

During the audiovisual, María Becerra explains the products that she often uses to care for her face. Among them, she highlighted the line of vegan face creams from an Argentine influencer named Daniela López, better known as Dadatina. It was then that the interpreter of "My weakness" wanted to share with her Instagram followers the before and after of her skin.

Through the stories of Instagram, María Becerra caused a furor after showing that she suffered from acne. With a photo where she can see her face completely full of pimples, the singer acknowledged that she did not always look impeccable like she does now. “My skin was like this before, Dadatina, and your products saved it. She never hurt, burned, felt very dry or greasy again,” she wrote.

Later, the interpreter of “Wow wow” published a photo of the change that she obtained after taking care of her skin. On the other hand, during the video clip, Becerra highlighted the importance of seeing a dermatologist as well as using facial moisturizers. She in turn explained that it is not recommended to go to sleep with makeup. Her beauty tips have been well received by her fans.

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