Jlo Beauty, the beauty brand of Jennifer Lopez, has finally arrived in Mexico!

Jlo Beauty, the beauty brand of Jennifer Lopez, has finally arrived in Mexico!
¡Atención, JLo lovers! Ya podrán conseguir el famosísimo glow de la actriz, cantante y empresaria porque su marca de skincare al fin llega a México. ¡Te contamos los detalles!

Por Paola ZamarripaJLo Beauty, la marca de belleza de Jennifer Lopez, ¡por fin ha llegado a México!

When Jennifer Lopez announced Jlo Beauty through Instagram, where she showed her simple, but effective morning and night routine, her fans went crazy for the acclaimed Glow who left their products even being skincare and not makeup.Wow!If you came to see any of these videos, you were sure to be surprised at the shiny skin of the singer!

And it is that for beauty lovers who lived in the United States it was a dream to try the premieres in the middle of the launch season, but for whom we live in Mexico seemed almost impossible to have them in our hands one day, isn't it?Well, if it is your case and you are a declared fan of JLo we have good news, since the brand will arrive in Mexico in less time than you imagine - yes, you can jump from emotion.Next we tell you when and where you can find it, and the products that yes or yes must be in your shopping cart to get that glamorous Glow of Jennifer Lopez that makes it look so young, beautiful and sexy.Ready to go shopping?

When does Jlo Beauty arrive in Mexico?

Ya es un hecho anunciado por la mismísima Jennifer Lopez: JLo Beauty ha llegado a México este 7 de enero del 2022. OMG! Bajo el lema: ‘la belleza no tiene fecha de caducidad’, la firma de la celeb es un trabajo que le ha tomado 20 años y más de 100 rondas de desarrollo para llegar a lo que es hoy, una marca con productos lujosos, pero accesibles, que ofrecen beneficios instantáneos y a largo plazo, demostrados clínicamente.JLo Beauty, la marca de belleza de Jennifer Lopez, ¡por fin ha llegado a México!

JLo Beauty, la marca de belleza de Jennifer Lopez, ¡por fin ha llegado a México!

On its website, Jennifer Lopez tells that, for years, the number one question they have asked is about his skin, so he felt a great responsibility to share what he has learned.‘You can feel young at any age and feel great, not only for the 50’s’, and this is just what their treatments do to you: take care to look incredible at any time in your life.Anxious to try them?

Where can Jlo Beauty get, Jennifer Lopez's mark in Mexico?

Jlo Beauty is now available in Sephora Mexico in physical and online stores, so in the blink of an eye you can get the brand in this store that is a favorite of the Skincare and Makeup Lovers.

'I am very excited to bring Jlo Beauty to Mexico.I designed Jlo Beauty to offer powerful and effective products for everyone, so I deeply value my relationship with Sephora, a brand that speaks to all.I am excited to finally share my essential products for skin care with all of Mexico, 'Jennifer Lopez revealed in the official statement, and we are more excited!

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What are the best products of Jlo Beauty?

If you will be encouraged to try any (or all), you should know which are the 3 best scores and favorites for criticism:

That Hit Single Cleanser

If you know Jennifer Lopez's beauty secrets, you surely know that cleaning cannot be missing in her beauty routine.Therefore, a good facial soap or yes had to be within its product range and this has a formula we love, since thanks to its mixture of rice, coconut fruit and japanese knot root extracts, it eliminates dirtand fat of the pores, leaving the complex, smooth and soft complexion.

That JLo Glow Serum

Si adoras el glow de JLo, he aquí un must en tu colección de skincare para lograrlo en tu rostro. Está elaborado a base de péptidos y niacinamida que trata las líneas de expresión, la textura desigual y la piel opaca, además de que reduce al instante el enrojecimiento que produce el estrés. Piel brillante (y bonita), ¡allá vamos!JLo Beauty, la marca de belleza de Jennifer Lopez, ¡por fin ha llegado a México!

That Blockbuster Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

With peptides, hyaluronic acid and olive oil complex, one of Jennifer Lopez's favorite ingredients, this moisturizing cream provides long -term hydration, softens the fine lines and wrinkles and fights the dryness.The best?It is ideal for all types of skins.We leave you the right order in which each product must be applied:

We hope that the rest of the products of Jlo Beauty will soon be available in Mexico (even their supplements) to be able to use them all as Jennifer Lopez shares in their networks for a skin of 10. Meanwhile, you can try these and have them and have themIn your dressing table!