Creams and serums with retinol: how to use them and the benefits on the skin to take care of it this winter

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such as retinol, a compound derived from vitamin A, a cosmetic component that guarantees multiple benefits for the skin.

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What is retinol?

Retinol is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A, but it falls under a broader category of retinoids. When applied topically, this product is converted to retinoic acid through specialized enzymes found within the skin.

Retinol was first approved in the 1970s for use in acne patients. Helps promote cell renewal and prevents clogging of pores. This will help prevent the appearance of blemishes and improve the way skin care products penetrate our skin, thus maximizing the results of the cosmetic products we use as part of our daily routine.

The Top Benefits of Retinol

Retinol has many benefits, but there are five main reasons why people use retinol as part of their daily skin care routine. Here we will tell you what those reasons are in more depth.

May decrease acne breakouts

Retinol Creams and Serums: How to Use Them and the benefits on the skin to take care of it this winter

If you have a case of acne that resists any type of treatment, retinol may be just what you need. By unclogging pores, retinol brightens skin and prevents further breakouts. Naturally, less acne will result in fewer scars and marks on the face. In addition, retinoids can amplify the effects of other medicated creams and gels, allowing you to get the most out of whatever treatment you're using to reduce breakouts.

Retinol Fights the Signs of Aging

You can rest easy knowing that retinol is one of the most widely used anti-aging ingredients on the market. Originally marketed as an acne treatment in the 1970s, tretinoin quickly proved to have considerable anti-aging effects, particularly by targeting fine lines and early signs of aging.

Helps Maintain Even Skin Tone

One of the many notable aspects of retinol is that it stimulates skin cell turnover, which manifests as a kind of "exfoliating" effect. for the dermis. Dry, dull skin gives way to new, brighter skin with a more even tone, with higher levels of collagen and elastin that not only prevents an aged or dull appearance on the skin.

It is a reliable product and a safe investment

Depending on your budget, you can invest in high-end cosmetic products without problem, however, retinol is one of the only ingredients with scientifically proven benefits that guarantees you great results.

You can buy it with and without a prescription

For most people, an over-the-counter retinoid should be enough to get you started. The lower dose allows the skin to get used to the product with less risk of irritation. These lower doses of retinol also have fewer side effects than prescription retinoic acid. However, the tradeoff is that it may take longer to see visible results. If you have any doubts about the required dosage, consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

The key products

If you are interested in adding retinol as part of your daily beauty routine, then these products cannot be left off your shopping list and dresser.

L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser

For night care routines, we have this serum from L'Oreal Paris that promises to combat facial wrinkles in depth, giving the skin a more supple, smooth and hydrated appearance in the morning. You find it available for 20.90 euros.

Pure retinol night serum for deep wrinkles Revitalift Laser L'Oréal Paris

PVP in El Corte Inglés €20.90

StriVectin Intensive Overnight Treatment

This intensive cream fights the signs of aging and rejuvenates facial skin at the same time, thanks to NIA 114 technology that moisturizes and provides firmness while you sleep. You find it available reduced from 91 to 63.70 euros.

Advanced Retinol Intensive Night Treatment 50 ml StriVectin

PVP in El Corte Inglésq €63.70

La Roche Posey Redermic R

Intended to be used during the day, this La Roche Posey Redermic R cream focuses on reversing photo-aging damage to our skin, helping to even out the color and texture that sun spots may cause on our face. You find it reduced from 38.90 to 31.10 euros.

Intensive day corrective dermatological care Redermic R SPF30 40 ml La Roche Posay

PVP in El Corte Inglés €31.10

Natura Bissé Inhibit Retinol Eye Eye Cream

Specifically designed for the eye contour, this Natura Bissé product helps maintain a rejuvenated appearance without puffiness and dark circles. Helps to provide a tightening effect, leaving behind the tired appearance of the eyelids. You find it available for 129.50 euros.

Eye contour Inhibit Retinol Eye Lift 15 ml Natura Bissé

PVP in El Corte Inglés €129.50

Kiehl's Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Face Serum

A product for daily use with which the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid to help reduce wrinkles, lighten spots and luminosity of our skin. With ceramides, peptides, and retinol, this is one of our favorite products on the list. You find it available from 50 euros.

Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Facial Serum Kiehl's

Retail price at El Corte Inglés €50.00

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