Body trimming for men, which is better to buy?Tips and recommendations

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With the arrival of summer, many men look for alternatives to have our body ready for this season, which leads to more than physical exercise and skin care, since body hair is an issue that must also be treated.However, when it comes to hair removal, the best alternatives to get rid of unwanted hair are body trimming for men who are designed to make much more than an occasional cut in the beard and mustache.

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In general, the attention that men give to their body hair is void until the moment they realize that it interferes with the aesthetics of the body, and that, who would like to hide the legs, arms and abdomen worked inThe gym under a lot of hair?

The criteria for choosing a body trimmer

We know that sometimes it can be a headache to choose which trimmator to choose, especially with a wide variety of characteristics and different brands in the market, but if you keep reading sure you run with the most appropriate for you.

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The best body trimming

If you have decided to show off your best version of the appearance of a werewolf for this summer, then you have to sign these facial trimmers to add your project to wear a body in summer.


Philips is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to shaving and electric trimmers.Consequently, its BodyGroom Series 7000 model is one of the best body trimming for men.It has high performance blades, 5 length positions and a 3D head that closely follows the natural contours of your body.As a result, you get a lot of control and comfort and short those unwanted follicles.You find it on Amazon for 63.22 euros.

Philips 7000 BG7025/15 - body shave with cut and shaving head, 80 minutes of use, suitable for shower, black color

Hoy en Amazon por 53,70€

Body trimmer Remington PG525

Recortadoras corporales para hombre, ¿Cuál es mejor comprar? Consejos y recomendaciones

With a lithium battery that offers up to 70 minutes of continuous shaving of wireless use, the body trimmer of Remignton PG525 can handle any toilet task with which you want to test it.The kit comes with 8 accessories, which offers you a total (literal) grace, its attachments for the ears, nose, chest or fingers of the feet, the self -afilable steel leaves of this upper body shave will cut those hairs.with millimeter precision.You find it on Amazon for 23.49 euros.

Remington Edge beard cutter and cutting - wireless, stainless steel blades, 4 heads, 2 combs, black - PG6030

Hoy en Amazon por 24,90€


For many men, excess hair on the back is simply a reality that they can now deal with better weapons, such as Philips Bodygroom BG5020/15 trimmer who is an electric champion that includes a special extension to shave their back.Combined with 3 comfortable cut combs and an optimized shaving head, you will have one of the best body trimmers for men at a price too good to reject it.Available at El Corte Inglés for 45 euros.


PVP en El Corte Inglés 45,00€

Body trimmer 9 in 1 Braun MGK5280

Braun's name is synonym for eminence and quality when we talk about electric razors.The multiple care kit of the braun mgk5280 trimmer is the best resource to cut and shave that you can have at home.The kit includes 3 separate combs that cover a range of 13 positions of length.Elegant and durable blades are designed to last virtually a lifetime, in addition, it is completely washable and works for 60 minutes without a cable after an 8 -hour load.You find it available on Amazon for 67.86 euros.

Braun MGK5280 9 in 1 - Barba cutter, body hair removal set and cut them for men, black/blue color, hair cutting machine

Hoy en Amazon por 57,99€

Multipurpose Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler

This Multi -Cillette Multipurpker is like the Swiss knife of male care tools, and not because it has many functions, but because of the practicality of taking it everywhere for its compact size.Whether you need to shave or trim body hair, this tool comes with a progloid shaving machine and three comb lengths to trim.any area.Available for 17.49 euros at Amazon.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler Multiusos: Affair, trimmer, shave, profiler

Hoy en Amazon por 19,91€

Panasonic ER-GK60-S503 precision body trimmer

With a design that seems to come from another world, the rechargeable wireless cutterCut the hair at 0.1 mm, which is excellent for those who bet on getting rid of all hair, including that of the intimate areas of man.Available at Amazon for 54 euros.

Panasonic Er-GK60-S503-Barba and precision cutter 3 in 1 (rechargeable, razor shape, i-shaper, 3 accessories, stainless steel, comb for delicate areas and to profile the beard), silver

Hoy en Amazon por 46,70€

Body trimmer lithium ion all in one

The lithium battery is a great attraction of the lithium ion all in one body trimmer, since more power means a better cut and a better shave.And a more durable load means doing a full -body cleaning job in a single session.The accessories to cut eyebrows and ears complement the accessories to cut a beard, but what convinces us most of this model are its four interchangeable heads: trimmer, double shave, blade in T and to detail, that cover all the needs of the routine of the routinemale cleaning.You find it on Amazon for 89.45 euros.


Hoy en Amazon por 116,07€

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