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WWE Network will broad.Solowrestling will make the live coverage that you can continue through this news.Coverage will begin at the beginning of the Kickoff Show.

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Scott Stanford and Peter Rosenberg conduct the panel that starts the Preshow.Both are reviewing and presenting the billboard that will take place tonight.

Renee Young, JBL and Booker T think about Asuka vs..Nia Jax through a video called.JBL is right to NIA, Asuka has to prove that he deserves the title he received.Booker T does not agree, he says that Asuka did not have the opportunity to redeem.Even so, he says it is the time of NIA to take the title and master the division.

Christian and Ric Flair are interviewed by Charly Caruso about Edge vs...Randy Orton that will take place later.RIC says that Randy is at the peak of his career, while Edge tries to get riding again, that's why Orton is the favorite.Christian says that those years that Edge was out, was not on vacation but trying to return, striving for it.Christian praises Randy but says he always takes the easy way, how to join flair and triple h."Randy, the guy who never had to work for anything in his life, against Edge who had to fight with nails and teeth to achieve what he achieved, we will have tonight, and that's why Edge will win," Christian closes.

From the panel they clarify that in the fight for the Universal Championship, who veins to Strowman would be the new champion, they would not be both.

Young, Booker and JBL communicate again.JBL and Booker say they don't like games, they talk about solving things in the ring.Young asks if Edge vs..Randy Orton will be the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" before reviewing the rivalry between the two.JBL says neither of them will give in to the pressure, and compare the expectation with great fighting in history.

Combat for the United States Crews (c) vs.. Andrade (c/ Zelina Vega & Angel Garza)Kevin Owens se une a la mesa de comentaristas.Andrade dominates and takes the action almost to the ramp, where Apollo is released by throwing it against the metal of the ramp.Moonsault from Apollo to Ringside, now the champion has control.Andrade looking for height but Apollo stops Chops.Andrade unbalanced him and hits him to launch a diving foot stomp that Apollo avoids.Suplex towards the corner for Andrade, Apollo dominates again with power.Apollo is looking for the account but does not reach three after a spinebuster.Hard exchange of blows on the edge of the ring, Andrade launches inward with a DDT and two account.Military Press Drop and Moonsault followed by Standing Shooting Star Press on Andrade, but Angel distracts the referee.Ko stops him with a stunner.Andrade Take it to take advantage of but receive a powerful spin-out Powerbomb for the three.Winner: Apollo Crews.

Sheamus sends a message to Jeff Hardy.Understand your pain, he says, seeing him proclaim a lighthouse of hope when he is a lie."You can have a positive outward attitude, but at the end of the day you can't deny your demons, you can't deny who you are, shame for your friends, your family and above all, for yourself," says Sheamus.Tonight will make this remember the WWE Universe, he says, and he will send him back to the dark.

The panel continues to analyze the rest of the billboard.

WWE Backlash two0two0: cobertura y resultados | Solowrestling

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Triple Amenaza por los Campeonatos de Parejas de MujeresBayley & Sasha Banks (c) vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay)Una luchadora de cada equipo está presente en el ring durante el combate, pudiendo solo relevarse entre compañeras.Sasha and Peyton exchange several PIN attempts in the middle of the ring until Alexa intervenes.Attempts between three continue with several different ways of covering.The six enter the ring and the chaos explodes.Bliss dominates and distributes slapped before giving relief.Kick to Nikki's head by Peyton and account of two.Bayley and Billie argue while punishing Nikki.The champions take control and clean the ring, look for the account about Billie but Nikki avoids the end of the match.Bliss and load against rivals enter.Sasha stops her at the edge of the ring, Peyton tries to apply a crossbody and all three fall on the rest of the participants.Alexa and Nikki together attack Peyton.Twisted Bliss but Sasha removes Alexa to cover her and take the victory.Ganadoras: Bayley & Sasha Banks.

Sheamus vs..Jeff Hardycomienzo even with both seeking control, struggling for the ring.Sheamus connects the first strong blows, cornering Jeff.Hardy responds after a few minutes and takes Sheamus out of the ring with a dropick.It is promoted on metal steps and flies on Sheamus in ringside.Sheamus dominates his power in the ring, throwing Jeff from one side of the ring almost without resistance.KNEE DROP from the second rope and count two.Irish Curse Backbreaker twice for Jeff, but Hardy resists.Jawbreaker from Jeff but immediately Sheamus responds with a brutal knee.Sheamus continues with the domain, go up to the corner and take to launch.Jeff dodges and connects whisper in the Wind for two two.Jeff continues to attack but fails to cover Sheamus.They struggle at the heights, Sheamus falls but Jeff doesn't fly in time.When Jeff is standing about to jump, Sheamus knocks him down, making him fall on a spectacular way.White noise for Jeff, who still resists.Cloverleaf for Jeff, but crawls to the strings to be released.Jeff cannot be lifted, Sheamus lifts it by breaking his network shirt on several sides to apply his classic blows to the rival's chest.Jeff escapes and stamps against a post to Sheamus.Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb.1...two...No!Sheamus puts his foot on the lower rope.In Ringside, Jeff Salta de la Barricada to Sheamus and receives a Kick Broker.Another in the ring for three.Winner: Sheamus

Combat for the Rawasuka Women's Championship (c) vs..Nia Jaxasuka takes the initiative with an attempt by Sleepperhold.When it is overcome, it surprises with kicks and an octopus hold.Nia again frees and runs to Asuka.Jax continues to push and throw Asuka for the ring.Asuka reverses with a standing guillotine lock, but Jax lifts it and applies Jackhammer.Asuka reacts and applies Shining Wizard for two two.NIA receives several kicks until he stops the champion and connects a Powebomb.Asuka makes Nia crash against the post and then seeks height.Nia stops her, Asuka surprises with armbar against the ropes but both fall from the ring.Asuka re -applies the armbar, the star against the barricade.The load to return to the ring but Asuka escapes and connects a kick.The referee's account reaches ten! The fight ends for double count outside.Asuka retains the title.

MVP speaks by Telephone in Backstage to prepare a party for Bobby Lashley once you are crowned as WWE champion.Wool appears and MVP stops talking.He tells Lana that he was not the one who decided to leave her out of ringside, but her own husband."But don't dare to talk to him and confirm it to you," MVP laughs before leaving.

The Miz and John Morrison take the floor before their fight.They present their music video, "Hey! Hey Hey"

Combat Handicap for the Braun Strowman Universal Championship (c) vs.. The Miz & John MorrisonMiz da el relevo a John pero antes golpea por la espalda a Braun.Morrison escapes Braun's claws with a pirouette but is shot right away by a hard blow of the champion.Miz goes for Braun with several blows, but Strowman resists without problems.Miz runs to look for his relay but John is not.When he reaches his place, Braun throws Miz against him and then get him out of the ring.Disaster Kick for Braun by Morrison, who continues with kicks preventing Braun from between.Over -eyed iron screw, Braun is fallen against the barricade.In the ring, Miz kicks Braun and looks for an account that only reaches one.Morrison returns with more offensive about Strowman, the same case with the Miz and the It Kicks.Skull Crushing Finale and Double Stomp on Braun, Morrison tries the pin but Miz breaks it.Miz realizes his mistake and leaves John's coverage.Strowman gets tired and applied to Miz's chokeslam..Winner: Braun Strowman.

The brand new intercontinental champion, AJ Styles, is interviewed in Backstage.Invites everyone to the presentation of your championship, which believes that it will be the biggest presentation of all.

Combat for the Wwedrew McIntyre (c) vs. championship.Bobby Lashley (C/ MVP) before starting the fight, Lashley applies the full Nelson to Drew until several referees separate them.McIntyre wants to start but is dominated by Bobby for a few minutes.Bobby hangs him against the strings and puts his foot in the champion's throat.McIntyre responds and takes out from the ring to Lashley.MVP faces Drew, Lashley launches McIntyre for ringside.Load him again and star his head against the post.McIntyre responds with hard supplexes in ringside.Lashley puts in trouble looking for the full Nelson again but Drew escapes.Lashley crossphate when Drew took control again.McIntyre loads like a piledriver but Lashley escapes and closes an Ankle Lock.Drew revolves and escapes, catch a spear and reverse with Kimura Lock for Lashley, which reaches the strings.Drew Superplex that then looks for his Claymore.Spear!But the champion resists.Lana appears, who should not be in ringside.Wool climbs into the ring and discusses with the referee.Glasgow Kiss A Bobby, which hits Lana error, who in turn falls on MVP.Claymore and three about Bobby.Winner: Drew McIntyre.

Viking Raiders y Street Profits se están peleando en el estacionamiento.Montez Ford throws Ivar on a car, but when they remember that it is Braun Strowman everyone flees.Inside the building, the profits take golf sticks while the Vikings take shields, a bowling ball and an ax.The four agree to calm down and lower their weapons.But not stop sticking, so they return to action.Ivar remembers Bowling's game when taking a ball that uses against the lower parts of Montez Ford.They see memories of their team challenges again, and the action continues to show that they can do everything better than the rival team.The four argue after Ivar and Angelo went through glass.Being outside once again, several motorcyclists appear before them.One goes down and turns out to be Akira Tozawa, while the others seem ninjas.Akira shouts in Japanese and throws the helmet.The rivals come together against Tozawa and their ninjas.Tozawa moves his hands strangely and the girls approach.The conflict explodes!Vikings and Profits completely dominate the ninjas working as a team.Tozawa presents a new ninja, very high, that leaves them all surprised.Erik wants to fight but everyone believes that it is better to flee and get on the production truck.Ivar gets tired and lasts, having problems breathing.In another scene, they argue again.Each team says that they were responsible for beating the ninjas, and thus explodes the confrontation again.Angelo throws himself next to Erik towards contender.Ivar throws Montez there and then flies on all.The container was garbage bags as can be seen later.Ivar remembers the girls who tell him that he looks tender, when an referee appears to tell everyone who has their fight now.And incidentally, he tells Ivar that he is tender, but not Erik.Suddenly, they listen to a noise among the garbage.A giant lizard!

In the presentation of the following fight, a poster with the MSG letters appeared and the voice of the legendary Howard Finkel rang.

Edge vs..Randy Ortonedge manages to tear down with several Args to Orton, until Randy guesses and stops just in time causing Edge to fall back to the canvas.Randy controls on the canvas and when Edge is released, Randy moves back again to dodge him.Edge escapes the ring and Randy goes down to stop him, both threaten and go down until Edge knocks him down from a kick.They struggle looking for control of the position, Edge takes the arm, Randy the waist, Edge demolishes and takes the neck.Edge Lanza del Ring A Randy with Headscissors.They struggle on the heights, Edge is released and Orton is on the edge of the ring.Edge launches with a clothesline flying and both are left in ringside.Randy bleeds in the face!Edge punishes Randy's shoulder against the edge of the ring and takes his time to re -enter.EDGE continues to attack in the ring and apply crossface.Edge dodges a rko and looks again on Randy, but Orton stops and goes against the ropes.Orton applies a backbreaker and becomes punishing Edge in ringside against everything: the protective screen, the barricade, the metal steps, the commentators table.Returns Edge to the ring and seeks the account without success.Edge tries to respond with some blows, but Randy pushes him against the corner, causing Edge to feel pain in his neck.Orton applies two supplex, Edge stops him and manages to apply the three friends.Exchange blows from the canvas, to kneel and then get up.Edge takes the front and Randy has to flee to connect a dropckick.In Ringside, Randy punishes Edge's chest and neck against the low ring rope tensioner.Orton applies Superplex but it is not enough, crassbody clash that leaves them sore both.Edge looking for height, Randy stops him trying to make his classic DDT but receives an edgecation.1...two...No!Crossbody from the third rope on Orton, also does not achieve the rope of three.Edge surprises with a crossphate in the middle of the ring, Randy turns with a pin to escape.Olympic Slam from Orton and two account.Randy stalks Edge, tries an Rko but Edge escapes.They continue like this until Randy receives an Edge-O-Matíc, although he fails the account of three.Edge Load looking for a Spear, Randy dodges and fails the RKO, Edge connects a prettier but it's not enough.Pedigree and account of two about Edge.EDGE Rock Bottom and another two account.Edge escapes an DDT attempt and slides looking for the pin.More attempts of coverage that do not reach three. ¡RKO!1...two...No!Randy measures Edge, considering his tip Kick. ¡Spear de Edge! ¡Otra Spear!1...two...and no!Randy resists two Spears!Randy throws Edge against the corner, Edge jumps back to him but is received by an RKO.Edge resists!Edge applies the antivenom, Randy seems to respond with a low blow.Punt Kick and Tres! Winner: Randy Orton.

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