Why Stephen King considered stop writing horror novels after ‘it’

Es absolutamente imposible referirse a Stephen King, el célebre novelista de Maine, y no pensar en el género de terror. No en vano, ha construido la inmensa mayoría de su exitosa carrera literaria e incluso su imagen como escritor con los cimientos sobre el mismo. Los lectores que disfrutamos de su obra desde hace décadas tenemos ciertos libros suyos desde Carrie (1974) en un altar laico, y tal vez podríamos mencionar El resplandor (1977), Misery (1987), Dolores Claiborne (1996) o Un saco de huesos (1998). Pero también el maravilloso It (Eso) [1986].Por qué Stephen King se planteó dejar de escribir novelas de terror después de ‘It’ Por qué Stephen King se planteó dejar de escribir novelas de terror después de ‘It’

However, surely many of their followers would surprise them enough to know that Stephen King A Puntito was to abandon the horror after this latest novel was published.An interview that Stefan Kanfer did in October 1986 for Time magazine is very revealing about this matter.What transmits in it is his doubts about his reach as a novelist, and compared to "Jack London, who said, in effect:" I am not a great writer, but I am a tremendous elaborator "" "."That is me," he acknowledged at that time.

Stephen King's tribulations about his own talent

"I've had about three original ideas in my life," said Stephen King."The rest of them were rebounds.I feel the limitations of where my talents are ".Especially when compared to those of the incipient Clive Barker, author of the six volumes of blood books (1984-1985) or the three deliveries of the Hellraiser series (1986-2018)."You read it with a book in one hand and a bag for dizziness in the other.That man is not joking.It has a sense of humor, and it is not a fool.He is better than me now.It is much more energetic, ”said his colleague.

Por qué Stephen King se planteó dejar de escribir novelas de terror después de ‘It’

Maybe he was ruminating that, if he could not improve what he had, he was not meaning to continue his contributions to literary terror.But, in addition, it seemed to him that a novel as spooky and beautiful as it is "a very badly built book".Thus, he confessed that it could be his last horror story: “For now, in regards to the Book of the Book of the Month of Stephen King, this is the time for the sale of liquidation.Everything must leave ".We are glad, then, that it did not comply with it.We would have lost a lot of enjoyment in the future.

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