This 19-year-old girl started embroidering out of boredom and today she is a millionaire

A teenager who spent the lockdown practicing embroidery quit her job at the supermarket and now uses social media to promote her bag designs, earning five figures a day.

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Eñaut Zuazo

"I had no idea how to run a business, much less a successful business. I knew the basics of that you should earn more money than you spend, and that was it."

Her first TikTok video about her embroidery racked up more than 60,000 views in one week.

Millionaire Overnight

Maisie revealed that she started the business using hand embroidery after her grandmother gave her the money, saying: "I bought needles, embroidery hoop, embroidery thread and $30 tote bags, all on Amazon." She has since acknowledged that she has switched vendors.

"When I was around 10/11 I was really into sewing, then as a teenager I really wasn't, but I still had the chops to do it. It came quite naturally to me when I started. Also, I'm a perfectionist, so if I couldn't do it, I would work until I could."

This 19-year-old girl started embroidering for boredom and today she is a millionaire

"Each job would take me one to three hours, but I had time, there was nothing else to do during the lockdown." Maisie said that she chose Depop as her first sales platform because there are no initial entry fees.

Accumulating five-star reviews, she decided to start her own website by asking friends to model her products and bought a second-hand embroidery machine to increase production speed.

Maisie explained how she felt when the business started to hit the ground running: "The day I launched I made 13 sales. I was so happy, I was buzzing. We made around €5,500 in a month, I've never seen money come in like that." ."

Since then, the Maise website has expanded its product range to include t-shirts worth €50, t-shirts for €30 and stationery for €2, in addition to their bags starting at €20.

The 19-year-old admitted that due to the popularity of her business, it's hard to do everything she wants to do, including regularly uploading content to YouTube. She said that work can be "overwhelming" and revealed that she often has to leave her house to find motivation.

Maisie revealed that she is now saving to buy her own home.