The most read wallet on the ground: does it give bad luck?It more read of the day comments

In Paraguay it is believed that yes;But beyond superstitions, there is a correct way to carry and place either a wallet, its envelope or a clutch.

“That gives bad luck depends on the popular beliefs of the region and the country.In Paraguay it is believed that yes, that it gives bad luck or that 'all silver' leaves, as well as it is believed that it gives bad luck to sit at the table at the same time, ”says the expert on label and protocol, Auda Roig.

But beyond the anecdotal Roig says that in protocol matters some issues are recommended.“In the case of Queen Letizia, she for being a member of royalty can put her accessory one side of it, on the ground.It is not frowned upon because it does not have a specific place to locate it.

What you never have to do

What you never have to do, Roig holds, is to place the wallet on the table, nor the cell phone.“If the wallet has a chain, place it in the chair supporter.All good wallets have even a short chain.Otherwise it is placed in the space between the back of the chair and the back.“If you are at a table lunching, you wallet in the lap and on top of the napkin.Ultimately you can put (the wallet) on the ground, ”he says.

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The specialist adds that in addition to protocol it is not recommended.“The only thing that has to be on the table is the cutlery game, in addition to meals.It is a matter of hygiene.Nor are keys or cell phones only ”, emphasizes.

And the cell phone, where?

The cell phone has to be in the pocket and silence.“If it is someone who cannot stop attending to the cell phone, if it sounds the person you have to get up from the table, apologize and follow the conversation elsewhere.You can do, read the text messages discreetly ”.