The bridges of the Spanish José María García: "Giving the vaccine to a politician in Spain is to throw her out"

The bridges of the Spanish José María García: "Giving the vaccine to a politician in Spain is to throw her out"

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José María García (Madrid, 1943) has just run 12 kilometers.It has also passed through the sauna.He is locked at his home in Marbella, where he took refuge on March 8.

Face a hurricane interview.Because it is very "pissed out"."I must be very gilipollas, I'm here alone, but I get very well".

And Garcia's anger is wonderful for those who pick it up: a bag of headlines salted with dozens of punches to power.Mayor Almeida is not fought, for whom he says he feels sympathy due to an "centimeters affinity".

So butane color gets Garcia when the press reads that his granddaughter calls him "Abu Loco".Shoot at the rulers, but also against newspapers, teles and radio.Of course, he does not keep bullets with grudge: "No, no, none of that.I have a news...I hope it's not the Spanish Television! ".

Despite having been far from the microphone, it is discovered very informed.Even extraordinarily well related.Pedro Sánchez received him in Moncloa.After an hour and a half of conversation, it will be clear who the "lameters" and the "hugs" of the present are.

What routines have the pandemic disrupted you?

I've been out of Madrid for eleven months.My wife has epoc - a pulmonary disease - and the pneumologist advised us to get out of there.On March 8 we came here, to Marbella.We are fine.I have a very large garden, do you see it?-He shows it through his phone's camera-.

It is almost larger than the writing, José María.

We have a gym below.Today I have done twelve kilometers running.Sport in the morning, then a little sauna and read.I'm reading everything.And I'm getting very.


I thought there was nothing worse than politicians, but I'm taking a tremendous disappointment with our blessed profession.I must be very gilipollas because I am here alone, reading, and I get very angry!

Does journalism soliviant more than politics?

It is almost impossible for something to pray more than Spanish politics, but the real surveys, not those that are made to the taste of those who pay them! They reveal the vision that the people of the press have, which today is unfortunate, painful andeven suicide.


Yes, suicide for the profession itself.For journalism.Oh, Hop, what are you calling me.Hello?Can you hear me?

Yes, but it has the slow video.We hear him, but we don't see him.

It is done.What was going: journalism is plurality, independence and research.What you heard so many times.Today there is no plurality and above all the investigation has disappeared.Someone could say: "Pussy, but if every day we have a scandal in the newspapers".But they are scandals that are served at home.

Custom made.

One day, Emilio Romero, the Director of Pueblo, went down to the writing because he was a boat boat."Journalists have to be on the street!".Because the news must be looked for.Those sent to newspapers are interested.The scandals we read are cross complaints of the parties themselves.The investigation has disappeared totally.I will tell you an anecdote.


Not long ago I met a friend who made very good research reports.He has been writing for six months!"Have you abandoned?" I asked."They commissioned me a complicated one, I played the skin, the newspaper argued me to the bills of the taxis and in the end I paid me 150 euros for the work".Has left it, of course.And I speak of a very, very prominent medium.

José María García began his journalistic career in the town newspaper.

Do you intend to get vaccinated?

Yes.At the time I can and correspond to me.For my age, I don't think it's far away.

Any preference?Do you like Sputnik?

I do not care.The one that bring me.

There are politicians who have sneaked into.Would the second dose injected them?

Giving the vaccine to a politician in Spain is to throw it in the trash.But if we do not now give them the second dose, we will have lost the first.Here the substantial is this: his performance gives an idea of the moral stature of our rulers.

I know that I am generalizing and that that entails injustices, but ... it is enough to see their explanations of why they have put it.It has been very painful.As to throw the blind and close forever.

The Jemad has resigned for that.His case opened a debate: should the Pandemic managers and the first authorities of the country among priority groups have figured?

Cover the first phase -residences and health -, the managers should be included as a priority.I think for obvious reasons.But here we stumble upon the same problem.

Give an example.

I have a maxim: the sites must be learned.You can't learn.They placed a philosopher as Minister of Health.Arrived on knowledge of knowledge.As it is not very clumsy, it was making.

A year later, even if he did not reflect it in his press wheels, he was a little more prepared.So, they remove it and send it as a candidate for the Generalitat.It is very serious.A man who has failed as a minister!But they put it there because they think that they will scratch a few votes.

The party care much more than the health of the Spaniards.I keep as gold in cloth the video in which the climber is seen, Fernando Simón, to say that in Spain there was only some few cases.Neither has resigned nor have they thrown.

Los puentes de El Español José María García:

He would have enjoyed giving him wax in his program...

Would have given wax to everyone who is not fulfilling its mission.To Simón, to illa ... wax with capital letters to all who think of their matches rather than in the pandemic we are suffering.And the PP?How can you oppose everything because?

What do you mean exactly?

Vox, for once, the bulb was lit.I speak of European funds.But the whole right was threw in thromba for them.

There are millions of reasons to launch for Vox, but that precisely not!Who launched?Those who only think about avoiding a vote escape.We have settled, and in a very serious way, in mediocrity.

What is a mediocre?

The one who, not being sure, is surrounded by mediocre.He does it because he fears that they take away the chair.The prepared guy is surrounded by intelligent, cultured and experienced people.Who was Pablo Casado?Where did he come from?What had he done before being president of the PP?Ibm married!


Pablo, see and bring me coffee.Pablo, see and bring me the photocopies.That was Pablo Casado.A genius.The secretary of a half -haired lawyers looks like.

Does the mayor of Madrid fall better?

Yes, por afinidad de centímetros.But it is what I was telling you: the sites must be learned.Almeida is very green.

One day we stayed at the City Council.I gave him advice: in office, you can't be an athletic furious.You have to be from Madrid, from Atleti, Ray.

Garcia was biographed in "Good night and cordial greetings" (Editorial Córner), by Vicente Ferrer Molina.

That experience is taken over the years.

But it looks that in this country be more than fifty years is a crime: it seems that you are useless.Mortal sin.Youth has no value, it gives it to you and it is removed by God.I don't know the same thing with seventy that when I was thirty or forty.Look at the average age of our politicians.

What happen?

It is true that there is some prepared, but ... the one that most, by far, Pablo Iglesias.Has studied to be a politician.In college it was a brilliant guy.But he has spoiled everything for a big shit: the famous chalet.You can't be a lifetime saying a thing and then do the opposite.I was up to the eggs of bipartisanship.I took a joy with 15-M.


Yes, sí.They arrived with good ideas, but the joy of 15-M lasted fifteen days.Everything remained in a talk.From the theoretical to the practical an abyss.Iglesias is giving blind sticks.What interests you most is television.Turn off and let's go.

What did you think when Messi wins 555 million euros for four seasons?

That is very well earned!Is the market: the law of supply and demand.And it may have been profitable.We would have to quantify what Messi has meant for Barcelona and for Catalonia.

Then horrible comparisons are made.I also listen to you with the salaries of youtubers.By the way, there is one that I love: Ibai Llanos...Messi's problem is the contract.

What about the contract?

Is made by absolute foolish.A long time ago, when I met Bartomeu, I said: "Neither Barcelona could less or him more".I refer to the facts.

He says Messi generates what he earns, but Barça is ruined.

Barça will never ruin.What he has had is a catastrophic direction.The contract is a hoax because they have not dared to fulfill it.If you deserve that money, to be given.But for playing football, not for fidelity clause.A contract is made to play football.

What would you do with all that money that Messi earns?264 euros per minute, 300.000 a day.

First, help.I don't know if he's doing it.There are quite black phases of the so -called Messi Foundation.The money serves to help your family, who sees you little ... I, for example, have to lift fifteen monuments to Montse, my wife.I have not seen my children be born.When the oldest arrived, he was in Belgrade, with Real Madrid.With the second, I appeared the same day.

I have not enjoyed my children.Now I do it as a dwarf with my granddaughters.The money served me to be there somehow.So that nothing would be missing.I have been a privileged.I won a lot because I produced a lot.

Jose María García, in an interview with this newspaper.Dani Pozo

One day, on Juan Abelló's birthday, I agreed with Aznar.So we still talked.He took me apart: "Hey, you earn ten times more than me".I replied: "President, or the figures that give what they earn are wrong ... or earn thirty times, not ten".

Aznar should kiss where the Spaniards step on.Of being a normal fiscal inspector to government president.Serious only had the mustache and face.Spain and its people are the best in the world.With the politicians that we have suffered and suffered, it is a miracle that we survive and we can tell it.

Barcelona announces legal measures for the publication of the contract.

It is almost worse about some colleagues.Instead of paying tribute to those who have discovered that contract, they say: "No, they have leaked it". ¿Y usted qué cojones sabe? ¿Es el verdadero contrato? Yes.Spot.And Barça...Are you going to complain against the world to tell the truth?In addition, contracts should be public.

The contract forced Messi to learn Catalan.

It is an aberration.It is made by an illiterate, an uncle who touched the primitive and was president.There you have it.They voted for him, then they eat it.

But what do you think about that clause?

They ask you to learn Catalan.Well, that is the policy with lowercase letters from Barcelona.They want to help independence.They got into that dynamic.Now we will see what happens to the Lord Laporta, Puigdemont's great friend.

The fact is that despite being signed, there has been no effect: Messi does not speak in Catalan.

Messi is smarter than we think.Has only made a serious mistake.When he wanted to leave, he trusted the president's word.Trusting the word of a manager is from an extraterrestrial bisoñez.

But Messi has never mixed with politics.They will have asked for help a thousand times from independence, that went to sites...He has not been in any, there is no political statement.It is admirable.

In the same way that Barça is publicly positioned together with nationalism, does Real Madrid have ideology?

The president can vote for one party or another, but the club must be everyone.There is a famous phrase by Fernando Vizcaíno Casas: "Every honest person belongs to Real Madrid and right -wing".And the uncle was so wide.Nope.Nothing of that.

His vilified Florentino Pérez seems to have better managed the situation that Bartomeu.Stars have passed Real Madrid, but no mortgage to the club that way.

Messi has not mortgaged Barcelona.Barcelona cannot be ruined because it is the club that enters the world most.

You know what I think of Florentino.Real Madrid is not a corporation, it belongs to the partners, but nobody would say it.For example, why Florentino has let Ronaldo go?Think about your last signings.Very mediocre.Nope hay director deportivo, es él quien los hace.

Third Change: Does Pedro Sánchez reassure him to be at the forefront of pandemic management?

Pedro Sánchez cannot be placed as an example of a great president, but he has had to dance with the ugliest.It is a character that catches my attention.One day I asked to see him and he received me very kind in Moncloa.I said: "You have fought like me, against windmills.They put you in the fucking street, the barons wreaked havoc with you, but you put back and ended everyone ".

He is president because they have voted.You have to accept it.The coalition with Pablo Iglesias is what has the least guilt.

She chose.

I had no other if I wanted to remain president.If I had been Paul Casado ... happily, God will help me not to happen.If I were him, he would have told Sánchez the day before the elections: "If you win, you president and I vice president.If not, vice versa ".

A great coalition to the German.That's what would I have liked?

They would have an absolute majority.We would have returned to bipartisanship, but we would not be in the hands of the nationalists.

The journalist José María García.

The crisis is punishing the country: thousands of dead and unemployed.Why do you think Sánchez does not take its toll?

For the terrible fight that has been installed in the journalistic forums.Except for honorable exceptions, there are no media that are means of information, investigation, denunciation ... some are with the right and others with the left, and from there you do not take them out.

Then, the financial situation of the profession is dramatic.Except for Mediaset and Atresmedia, who have a bargain and win millions.And that thanks to Zapatero, who withdrew the advertising of Spanish television, and Rajoy, who blessed that barbarity.

He said that Sanchez had no choice but to agree with Churches, but notice in the approval of the budgets.He could have signed them with Citizens and preferred to do it with the independentistas.

Probably wrong, but demonstrated coherence.If you have those partners in the government, you have to count on the nationalists.

Within a week there are elections in Catalonia.Before he has made it clear that he does not like illa as a candidate.

In any country in the world, when one puts the leg, they remove it.Here they ascend or give it a position.Do you remember when Gallardón was mayor of Madrid?How did the City Council leave?Spoiled.Well, they made Minister of Justice.Illa has been a disaster, but instead of sending home to recover common sense ...

Between 155 and dialogue with pardons, where are you?

Things have not done well, but neither does fatal.The day that there is the first shot we will remember today.

Before we were talking about Pablo Iglesias, but he has gone to another part.What did he say?

It has disappointed me.Horrible, very bad.In the debates he proved to be the best politician and the most prepared.But they lose their radical ideas.And when you are vice president, you have to know why and what is there for.A vice president cannot be the president's opposition.

Have you seen the nanny scandal of Minister Irene Montero?She helped take care of her a high position of equality.

Well, as of Bilbao [Carmen Muñoz, councilor of Podemos in the Biscayan capital], which says that football is masculinized and discriminates against women.There is a fool championship, but they are so dumb that the latter always remains.

Another deputy of Pode.

We will not close the carelessness in a long time.They want to write a new story of Spain.

In Podemos they say that the Republic will arrive sooner rather than later.What do you think?

I do not know.The monarchy is obviously an obsolete system.A person cannot inherit the State Headquarters by birth.And Juan Carlos has no forgiveness.But Felipe VI is convincing me.

You have presumed to be a friend of Juan Carlos.He also has friends at the CNI.What is your version of the drift of emeritus?

With armor, Juan Carlos believed that the whole mountain was oregano.It is unfair to forget what he has done for this country, but seeing the next one ... I am very disappointed.

You have to be a brave ball or an irresponsible to say that one compensates for the other.Nope, no lo compensa.Juan Carlos did a lot, but he has thrown him by land.Nope obstante, aunque odie el delito, compadezco al delincuente.

We have talked about PSOE, Podemos and PP.But we have also heard him more than one occasion criticism of Vox.

You have to read everything they say.Nope creo que un ideario como el de Vox quepa en una sociedad moderna.

Is Vox a nationalist party?

It is a strange, surprising and not very advisable party.

And citizens?Will it resurrect with Arrimadas?

Citizens is dead.And that has in its ranks a first division policy, but is confined in the City of Madrid.I like Begoña -Villacís- than Inés.Arrimadas won in Catalonia, was a miracle, but went to Madrid.

Radio is always the last stand on foot.In war, in pandemic ... there is always a red light on somewhere.What does it mean for you?

The radio for me has been everything, but it has ceased to be that radio we had achieved: the most credible in Europe.Today, Radio is a squeaky without responsibility.Has suffered authentic cancer.There is the being, turned into what is today the sixth for television.Nope admiten el juego limpio ni la libertad.

Man, José María, today also becomes very good radio.

Well, one thing is Herrera or Alsina ... and another about the radio that I talked.With the exception of these two programs, the radio has thrown the towel.

Who would you send cordial greetings today?

Very, very cordial greetings, full of respect and sadness, to all who have lost loved ones in this damn pandemic.

And who will never be sent?

I don't want remakes, I don't spend bills anymore.I have a news...I hope it is not the Spanish Television!All I want is what I have tried all my life: to be good people.

Congratulations on the granddaughters who come on the way.[His daughter -in -law is the Ariadne Artiles model]


How would you like to be reminded?

If God gives me an extension, they will have time to meet me.Better do them before they tell them anything.The oldest, who is three years old, is already knowing me a lot.He calls me "Abu Crazy".

Would you erase any part of their biography so that they did not find out?

That question should be answered by Vicente [Ferrer Molina], which for something is my biographer.Apart from that, yes, I would like to erase many things.I have done well, but I have also committed tremendous, tremendous failures ...

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