Salma Hayek's travel bag that goes perfect with jeans

Salma Hayek's travel bag that goes perfect with jeans

Salma Hayekestá married to the CEO and president of the Kering group that encompasses luxury marks as Gucci, and therefore, it is not strange to see it with the most exclusive models of this luxury firm, from here to there, while walking through some small Parisian street, New York or the corner of the world for which.

With this "little" advantage, the actress who loves fashion, is given the pleasure of adding to her stylish and glamorous outfits the accessories are pleased.

This time, we stop on a walk through New York, in Dondesalma Hayeka appeared carrying on his wrist the handle of the luxurious model Debolso Guccivintage, belonging to the male collection of the brand.

The expensive Gucci Bag Hayek bag

Salma Hayek, in addition to talent for interpretation on the big screen, has the gift of fashion: knows how to wear the best accessories, combine garments and thanks to a detail or two, dazzle everyone with their outfits.

In this case, Elbolsofue the glam touch of an outfit that fell in love.Arranged, as always, to break style schemes chosen a piece of the male collection because is not the Boyfriend fashion and the oversize style that seems to come out of the closet of our parents and boyfriends?

The bomped luxury luxury chosen porsalma has a value of 1600 euros for (or the) that intends to add it to its wardrobe accessories.

El bolso de viaje de Salma Hayek que va perfecto con jeans


Decorated with stripes of the characteristic Italian colors of the firm and a detail of skull and bones in the front (which we estimate cheem Hayekrelaciona with so many of the symbols of its native Mexico), the piece is entirely of microfiber canvas.

The typical GG logo is also part of the Hayek desire bag.

It stands out, within the design of the piece, the yellow handle: a touch of color that contrasts with the rest and offers a tribute to the past of the brand that was formerly dedicated to repair bags and, when there was no option, pieces ofdifferent colors to the original piece.

The most striking of the Bolsodesalma Hayek, invaluable for almost any mortal, is not so much elbolsoni its original design characteristics and vintage in themselves but the fact that it belongs to a male line.

Another color fact that can be clarified is that although the photo is huge in the photo, accompanying the small figure of Salma, it is not really large and in fact, of the two models, theirs is the smallest size.It happens, of course, that the actress only measures one meter with fifty -seven centimeters.

Clearly, he knows how to use fashion in favor because at the visual level, he does not seem.He has always placed the one for every occasion and this is where theGlasoglamus are joined with the simplicity and success of a good couple leaves.

Salma Hayek jeans: a safe success and a casual touch to balance their glamorous bag

Elbolsodeguccitiene a secret: he is the protagonist of the look, of course.But for this one to look, Salma resorts to a basic outfit that can work in contrast: a black leather jacket, with closure, basic and classic unjean.

Of course, the shot is high, the classic celestial, somewhat worn and the cut cut cut cut.This is a stop model is adjusted at the top, to the knee, and then falls out from there to the Botamanga.This helps to stylize the figure, extend it and seem less short than it really is.

The trick of carrying a luxurious and expensive bolt is to lower the tone to the rest of the garments because of course!You can have a super glamorous and unpayable bag and combine it with your best jeans.At least, that's what Salma Hayek inspires and teaches us.

Even if you do not have an aguccide male collection, take as a reference to the Mexican diva when combining some stylous, vibrant colors that mix textures or call a lot of attention.

Use it, conjeassy an urban, casual and simple look.That the protagonist of the outfit is your special complement, just like Salma.What are you waiting for?