It's going to hurt but you're going to like it: how going to the gym changed my life forever

“The important thing would be to know which accounts to follow, the ones that are real, the ones that resemble my life, my routine, the ones that we could reach, and not follow people whose life has nothing to do with mine", advises Juanjo Rodríguez, in the same way that Juan Ruiz López does: "If not, seeing that the objective is not naturally achievable and also, in many cases, in short periods of time it is not possible to achieve those utopian results, people lose motivation and encouragement for training ”.

Paradoxically, we should not lose the practice of taking photos, not necessarily to upload them to any social network, but to generate a personal photographic diary, one of the most efficient tools when it comes to observing progress: “Look at ourselves in the mirror and seeing the same person every day is complicated, because humans tend to have negative prejudices about ourselves rather than positive ones”, explains Layne Fletcher. “However, photos remove that step and allow us to see each other at specific moments in time, so it's much easier to see progress.”

It will hurt but it will like: how going to the gym changed my life forever

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