How to fix a broken zipper that opens

How to fix a broken zipper that opens
By Valeria Foi. Updated: July 30, 2021

Who has not happened? You put on the pants, skirt or dress that you like the most and, suddenly, you notice that the zipper is broken. So we spend the whole day making sure that the zipper does not come down and the opening is noticeable.

If you want to know how to fix a broken zipper that opens step by step and with photos, don't miss the following OneHOWTO article. We explain, quickly, effectively and safely how to fix zippers, putting at your fingertips tips that can save you from a bad day. You will no longer have to spend the day pending the status of your garment. Take note!

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  1. Why does a zipper break?
  2. How to fix a zipper that comes off
  3. How to fix a zipper that came off on one side
  4. How to fix a zipper stop
  5. How to fix a stuck zipper
  6. More tricks to fix a zipper

Why does a zipper break?

In order to know how to fix a broken zipper that opens, we need to know why it has broken and whether it can be fixed or not. Sometimes zippers are the fastest breaking pieces on a garment. The plastic ones are very delicate and the most common in wallets and bags; while the metal ones, placed in jackets or pants, have a longer life.

The most common problems that cause a zipper to open are:

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Although everything seems to indicate that the time has come to replace it, there are several tricks to fix a zipper that opens, that has come off on one side or that has a missing tooth. let's see them

How to fix a zipper that comes off

Sometimes it happens that when trying to close a zipper, it continues to open with the passage of the car. This is due to poor gripping of the teeth and therefore the proper solution will be to snap the carriage back into place.

Take a pair of pliers or small pliers and squeeze the base or mouth of the car. You must press on each side of it, without applying much pressure so that it is not totally disabled. It is recommended to apply gentle pressure and try until the zipper closes completely.

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How to fix a zipper that came off on one side

This situation can occur for two reasons: the rack has lost its stop and has come off the track, or the rack has lost its lower (or upper) teeth and therefore has completely slipped off the carriage. How to put a zipper in its rail?

In any of the cases, the first thing to do is to put the car in its place. To do this, a notch can be made in the zipper between the upper teeth that allows us to open the line of the teeth a little. Through this opening the trolley will be re-engaged.

If the zipper is hooked, that is, the trolley is hooked to a single line, it is not necessary to make a notch on the opposite line. If, on the other hand, the zipper does not hook, the same cut that was made at the height of the upper teeth must be made on the other side.

Finally, the cuts are sewn so that the car does not go out there again.

How to fix a zipper stop

Another reason the carriage comes off the rack is because the rack has lost its stop. In those cases, the best thing you can do is make a new one. In the market there are some stops or metal pieces that can be added to the bottom of the zipper and are easily tightened with pliers; so the most advisable thing is that you bet on this option, since it is very simple to place and it is also very economical.

You can also create the top. To do this, you can take a piece of thick fabric and sew it to the end of the zipper. If it is a small closure, nylon type, with a few stitches of thick thread it will be enough to make the top.

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How to fix a stuck zipper

When the rack gets stuck it is because the carriage needs lubrication. So how do you fix a zipper that won't go up? In these cases, with the help of a well-sharpened graphite pencil, the inner part of the base of the car is scratched on each side, which will be a great help for the mechanism.

If the problem is that the zipper is hard to go up and down, rub a candle along the zipper to make it slide better. You can also bet on Vaseline, a perfect product for lubrication.

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More tricks to fix a zipper

Here are a couple of homemade tricks to fix a zipper without undoing it. So you can take them into account if you find yourself in a hurry and you don't know very well what to do:

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