The "Cryptocurrency Band" - La Gaceta Tucumán fell

The group had two peculiarities.The violence I exercised when committing the robberies and the speed I had to make investments in order to bleach the booties that I got.One of them, according to researchers, was to acquire Bitcoins.For that particularity, it was baptized by researchers as the "Cryptocurrency Band".Police arrested six members, and four of them were issued the preventive detention for four months.The remaining will face there are audiences today.

On December 24, 2020, a command group entered a 700 Monteagudo building.At least seven heavily armed criminals entered a 700 Monteagudo Street building in this capital, violently reducing the security employee and threatening it with firearms.Then they went to an apartment that was without residents and from there they stole a sum of money in dollars, euros, jewels and gold medals.

The case began to be investigated for robberies and thefts, under the command of Commissioners Miguel Carabajal, René Soria and Jorge Dib.

After making a series of inquiries, they determined that the group, which would be integrated by between eight and 10 people who have a history of this type of crime, had necessary human resources to perform intelligence tasks, mobility and technology means to specify theassaults.


Cayó la “Banda de las criptomonedas” - LA GACETA Tucumán

They presented the work to prosecutor Diego López Ávila, who ordered to continue with the research.For more than 11 months, they made different investigative measures that bore fruit yesterday.

Nine raids were held at several homes, such as Fortunata García at 1.500, Japan passage at 1.600, Lavalle at 900, La Rioja at 1.600 and Marco Avellaneda at 1.500.

The result of the procedure, in which personnel of the Scientific Team of Fiscal Investigations (ECIF) of the MPF and more than 100 police officers acted, was the arrest of the three people who had a request for capture and the apprehension of two other men and a woman.Other four suspected of integrating this group had been arrested months ago, accused of having stolen a pharmacy in the south of the capital.Those who were fugitives from justice were identified as "great" (36 years), which would be the leader the band, "Mubi" (30) and "Bidon" (29).

In turn, as confirmed by the MPF authorities, at least eight firearms, tumbras and cartridges of different calibers were kidnapped;three cars and two motorcycles;$ 300.000 in cash, dollars;chains, jewelry and watches;cellphones;High -tech electronic devices and instruments to perform millions of cryptocurrencies.

“An important criminal gang was dismantled in our province.The investigation is not over, there is a way to go.The support we received from López Ávila prosecutor and the collaboration of the ECIF is very important, ”said Commissioner Dib, head of the General Directorate of Investigations, former Brigade.

“This research lasted a long time, eleven months of telephone listeners where we identified the different people involved.We talk about a band that had a very high complexity and organization.To such an extent that they not only had firearms and mobility media, but also with specialists who collaborated quickly from the loot, ”said López Ávila.

The prosecutor explained that a person was dedicated to melting the gold of the jewels that stole so that they cannot be identified.“Then a group member was in charge of selling the goods they subtracted.With the money they obtained in those transactions and with those who seized the assaults, ”said López Ávila.

“The particularity presented this organization is the modality used to invest the stolen money.It consisted of the advice of a financier, who through virtual operations, arbitration and investments in Forex (currency market), acquired cryptocurrencies in order to generate greater profits for the band, ”he added.

The representative of the Public Prosecutor.“It is important to highlight the professionalism with which one worked.There was a deep secrecy in an investigation of 11 months, which is not easy to maintain it and here there was no filtration, ”he added.

They were given the preventive for the cause of theft in Barrio Norte, but they would be suspected of having committed at least eight more robberies.

In the next few days, López Ávila could request new audiences to accuse them of having committed those illicit.