The 8 novelties of Tous that is really worth buying

More and more store stores, accessories and jewelry are starting to get their novelties for the new season.Among them, one of the most stands out is Tous.Always faithful to its principles, it seems that the new lines depart from the characteristic bear to immerse themselves in the latest trends.

Necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings ... whatever you need, you will certainly have the opportunity to find it here.If you are looking for a gift for a special event or you think it is time to give yourself a whim, you can get it.

Discover the 8 novelties of Tous that is really worth buying.

As a child with curls, another special gold pendant

With the novelties so beautiful and sophisticated that we can find in Tous, it does not surprise us that many of their products end on many occasions in the lists of the best selling.

In this case, continuing with Mother's Day line, we find a pendant very similar to the previous one but with different characteristics.It is made of Vermeil silver, which brings that beautiful golden tone, and adorned with gems in red and green tones.

A singular detail for all those special moms that can be yours for 70 euros.We already have it available both online and in the physical stores of the brand, so we cannot miss this opportunity.

Silver Ver Meil Moms of Tous

In the world of jewels each person has very different tastes.There are people who prefer small and discreet pendants who barely notice and, others, who like to wear the most striking pieces.

In Tous we can find a pendant for all tastes and so show us through this, in round form, where we can read "mom" inside.Prepared in Vermeil silver, it is one of the most special jewels of the brand.

As for its price, it can be ours for 99 euros.In addition, if we prefer the silver tone, we can also get this.In that case, the price would drop to 80 euros, so it is even more affordable.

Vermeil silver bracelet and gems, very elegant

Las 8 novedades de Tous que de verdad merece la pena comprar

Jewels are a whole world to discover and a good way to show our personality to the rest without the need to use words.This Tous bracelet, also from the collection for moms, is special for its shape and colors.

Made in Vermeil silver, with a beautiful golden tone, it is adorned with gems of striking colors, such as blue, pink or green and, in the center, we can read the letters "mom" in capital letters.

Its price is 145 euros but, again, if we prefer the silver version, we can also get this.In that case, its price is only 90 euros, so it is one of those accessible whims that we like so much.

Fraile Nature de Tous Ring, an original and sophisticated piece

The rings are another of the pieces that most attract Tous's attention.In this new line, in addition to the Special Collection for Mother's Day, we also find another, very spring, known as Fragile Nature.

With natural motifs, such as flowers and curved lines, we find one of the rings that have most caught our attention for being a gold block that will capture all eyes.Made in Vermeil silver, it is blunt but sophisticated.

As for its price, it can be ours for 145 euros.Undoubted.

Fragile Nature bracelet with several pendants

The bracelets hang small details are the ones that we like most thanks to the fact that they are striking but very easy to combine.In this case, we have to highlight this piece of Tous that has different very attractive symbols.

The one who first captures the gaze is a flower made of silver Vermeil, as well as another with green gems.Without a doubt, the composition closes the most famous bear in the firm, so it cannot be denied that it is a piece of collector.

Inspired by the beauty and delicacy of nature, we can get it for only 85 euros.Without a doubt, it will become one of those details that go from generation to generation.

Tous bicolor ring with Margarita, very spring

We return to the rings to highlight one of the most striking in the Fragile Nature collection.When spring arrives, one of the flowers that is always present is the Margarita, and also in the world of jewels.

In this case, Tous does one of the things he likes again: to mix gold and silver tones.A combination that we have been able to see in various proposals of the brand, now becomes a fact in this flower -shaped ring.

With the center of the Margarita prepared in Vermeil silver, we can get it on both on the web and in the physical stores of the brand for only 60 euros.Without a doubt, an opportunity that we should not miss.

Tous pendant with special girl for moms

One of the most special events that we celebrate every year is Mother's Day.Although it is true that any time is a good excuse to demonstrate our affection for moms, in May everything is revolutionized.

One of the pendants of the new Tous collection is based precisely on that.We talk about this detail, shaped like a small girl, prepared in first law and pink opal, resulting delicate and female.

If you need a special gift or give yourself a deserved whim, its price is only 55 euros.Without a doubt, an affordable amount to invest in one of those pieces that we will keep a lifetime.


Elegant and discreet pendant from the Fragile Nature collection

Continuing with the natural, rounded and colorful forms, we find one of the most striking, elegant and cheerful pendants of Tous.Prepared in Vermeil silver, it attracts mostly attention due to its central gem, an oval cabujón rod.

Under it, we find three cabujón amazonitas, closing the whole and creating beautiful contrasts with the gold thanks to the different tones of pink and blue that we can see in the piece.

If you have already fallen in love with this jewel that seems taken from the same nature, it can be yours for only 65 euros.It is already available both online and in stores, so we should not waste time.