Spanish teachers recognize the need for more tools to improve language teaching in the classroom

English has always been a challenge for the Spanish Educational System, where the basis of learning is based on memorization and repetition of lessons.

The existence of a problem in language learning is evident, taking into account that, in twelve years of teaching, the student usually reaches a B1 level or even less.

In an increasingly globalized world, communication is essential in people and inevitably, English is the language that helps you do it.

“The problem is a set of factors whose main aspect is in the oral aspect. Very few of us are used to watching movies in English or watching television in this language. Also, when teaching English you start with the grammar when in fact you should start with the oral part. There is a clear example, in high school the oral part is not paid much attention to because it does not enter the selectivity exam. And of course, if it doesn't go in, there isn't so much emphasis,” defends the professor of English philology at the University of Alcalá, Alberto Lázaro.

It would be counterproductive to blame the teachers who teach these classes, who follow guidelines that are already imposed and have to prepare their subject for more than 20 students with different levels.

Profesores españoles reconocen la necesidad de más herramientas para mejorar la enseñanza de los idiomas en las aulas

It could be said that the responsibility falls, therefore, on ourselves, the culture, the teaching model, society... it is said that most Spaniards know more English than they show, but for fear of being ridiculed in their pronunciation. They hide their knowledge.

In countries like Italy, English (B2) has already been introduced as mandatory for some university degrees due to its importance in the world of work, in addition, there are more and more anglicisms that they use in their day to day, as is the case in other European countries, which are adapting to the new rules for the functioning of society and the process of globalization.

50% of Spaniards between 25 and 64 years old do not know any foreign language, something that could be considered a problem, especially in the workplace, if one takes into account that the demands of bilingualism are increasing. Despite this, English is already a challenge for 25% of Spaniards, aware of the problem that exists.

What is then the solution to improve the level of English in the average Spanish?

The Internet is full of resources to be able to learn English well, simply by watching a video, a movie, reading an article, etc. You will have already taken a step.