Set up your home theater with this 4K projector from Yaber on sale

On the other hand, this Yaber will offer us the best possible resolution in all the series or movies that we want to play. You can project a screen up to 300 inches without ever showing signs of pixelation or loss of sharpness. We will not have problems with brightness either, since this projector has a power of 9,000 lumens and a contrast of 12,000: 1.

Another novelty included in this product is the implementation of its unique 6D automatic trapezoidal correction system. With this system, our device will automatically correct its projection angle, in case it has been moved or changed its location.

Last but not least, we have to talk about another of the great attractions of this projector: its price. So if you are interested, we invite you to continue reading.

A real bargain

Set up your home theater with this projector 4K from Yaber on sale

In general, projectors are usually quite expensive devices. However, this Yaber is here to break the stats. And it is that, in addition to offering us the best benefits, it also has an unbeatable price.

Its usual recommended retail price is usually around 330 euros. However, we can find it much cheaper through the Amazon website. Here we will enjoy a juicy discount of up to 16%, which will help us save 54 euros which, taking into account the dates we are on, will make it easier for us to climb the heavy slope of January.

In this way, the Yaber Pro V7 projector can be ours for only 275 euros. The truth is, finding products of this type for less than 300 euros is an almost impossible mission, so we better take advantage of this offer while it lasts. Without a doubt, an offer of those that only pass us by once in a lifetime.