'Red Alert': Is the history of the three Cleopatra eggs real?

    Everyone was expectant for 'red alert'.Dwayne's movie "The Rock" Johnson, produced and developed by its own producer, was in itself something like the third Cleopatra egg that appears in the film: a multimillionaire treasure that raffled multiple parts, including Universal, Warner Bros.and Sony.Finally, went to Netflix.

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    Along with its stars, the film carried the attractive premise of the best films of white glove thieves, art robberies and international robberies: three master minds try to steal the three eggs that were once owned by the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.Everyone wants eggs and everyone loves this film in which everyone wants eggs.But what about the eggs?

    The film talks about three eggs covered in jewels that Roman General Marco Antonio gave Cleopatra on his wedding day.In the introduction of 'red alert' there are historical and news paintings that show the wedding gift and the discovery of two of the eggs during an archaeological excavation in the mid -twentieth century.The mystery: the third egg, which is rumored that existed once, but has never been found.

    'Alerta Roja': ¿Es real la historia de los tres huevos de Cleopatra?

    It sounds good, but...It's true?

    Frank Masi/Netflix © 2021

    Are Cleopatra eggs real?

    Like the fact that Interpol has its own armed agents to eyebrows to find them, Cleopatra eggs are pure fiction.

    The producer of 'Red Alert' and production president in the company Seven Bucks Productions of Dwayne Johnson, Hiram Garcia, said in Thewrap in an interview that the search for the grail in the film was an invention of the screenwriter and director Rawson Marshall Thurber.


    Apparently, the speech was so tempting that all producers wanted to participate in the film.Netflix took the cat to the water with the franchise, which is completely fiction.

    Sin embargo, hay algunos registros de pendientes de perlas usados ​​por Cleopatra.A story tells that Cleopatra made a bet with Antonio on how much could spend on a single luxurious dinner.And win by dissolving one of its pearl slopes and eating it.The other slope apparently was saved and divided into two.(It is not clear what part of this story is true or what happened to pearls).

    As for the eggs, there are several underwhered eggs in charge for the first time by the Romanov family in 1885 and delivered to the successive tsars and their wives.The eggs were hidden after the Russian revolution.Many are currently on exhibition in New York, London, St. Petersburg and other places.However, several eggs are still missing.Why were these eggs not the basis of the robbery of 'red alert'?Maybe there were too many.Maybe his story was too modern.Maybe filming in Russia was too expensive.

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