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One of the current fashions is to make manicure, either acrylic, gel, false nails, etc..The aesthetic centers are more fashionable than ever and it seems that Spain has joined the trend of American films to meet the friends making their nails.A trend that is also advancing in the opposite sex, who did not even go to an aesthetic center to fix their nails, without lack of painting them.

However, all aggressive treatments with our body need a period of recovery of these to repair the damage done of both the products and the process and the instruments used for this, in this case the chemicals mainly.One of the most important factors when making manicure is to choose the center well since hygiene conditions are very important to avoid any possible infection.

Another thing that we must take into account when taking care of our nails is that continued manicures will weaken our nails.Some of the symptoms may be part of the nail, that they break, grooves appear or yellow so it is important that we apply a previous protector so that the products do not directly affect our nails.

Cómo recuperar tus uñas de las manicuras continuas Suscríbete

Once let's start the manicureless period, we will begin by slowly and carefully lim.Then we will see how the nail is whitish of the Lima so we must apply a vitamin and hydration treatment so that they are recovering their usual force.A trick that we can do is permeate the nails and cuticle with neutral vaseline, cover our fingers and leave them like that all night.

Take care of the cuticles with a special oil so that they also recover since the enamels or acrylic nails damage them.It is essential that we do not cut them and let them grow, we must simply move them a little back so that they nourish well.

Do not apply any enamel about treatment for a season.The ideal would be to let the nail recover an entire growth cycle to have a completely new and strengthened nail, ready to re -make the manicure.This process will last a few months, depending on the speed with which the nails grow us.We must have always healthy nails since they are essential protection for one of the most sensitive areas.In addition, if we keep them careful, they are just as beautiful as without painting.

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