How much money does he have and what does Logan Paul spend it on, the American 'youtuber' who dreamed of being a boxer (and achieved it)

If the old celebrities invested in art (Bansky, Picassos, etc.), those of today spend their fortune on another type of art? Logan Paul came to spend 1.6 million euros on collector's Pokémon cards. That is, those that belong to the first printed edition, from 1999.

And although Logan Paul and everything he represents is somewhat apocalyptic, the truth is that this acquisition, which the youtuber "sold" in his profiles as "the great purchase of the century", brought him even more benefits. He auctioned off up to 36 boxes of these sealed cards to coincide with International Pokémon Day.

"I am delighted to partner with Goldin for the biggest Pokémon unboxing ever... This is my new obsession and I am very excited to share it with other enthusiasts around the world," he explained on his networks, his macro channel media.

How much money do you have and how do you spend it spends Logan Paul, the American 'youtuber' who dreamed of being a boxer (and achieved it)

And as of everything he does, he generates entertainment, when he narrated having gotten hold of Pikachu Illustrator, valued at 207,000 euros at auction, he recorded himself discovering that it was a fake illustration and hitting a window until it crashed. he self-harmed, bled and was given stitches in a hospital. Of course, from all this "episode" he recorded photos and videos that were widely followed and highly valued on his social profiles.

Mansions in Puerto Rico and California

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But what does this character achieve with all this gibberish – which he sadly calls “content creation”? Well, finance the luxurious lifestyle that he leads. To his mansion in Los Angeles, for which he paid 5.1 million euros, in the exclusive area of ​​Rancho Estate, is added the new residence in Puerto Rico – yes, here he pays much less taxes.