The official delivers card and work tools to the artisans of that region.

El director general de la Dirección de Fomento y Desarrollo de la Artesanía Nacional (FODEARTE), profesor y artesano Ramón Guillén Polanco, realizó un recorrido por la Región Este del país, donde visitó plazas, talleres de producción y maestros artesanos, con quienes intercambio impresiones sobre sus inquietudes y los planes y programas de la institución a favor del sector.Director general de Fodearte visita a artesanos del Este Director general de Fodearte visita a artesanos del Este

In his journey through the east coast, Guillen Polanco, Visito Bibijagua (one of the largest craft sales places in the country, where more than 50 stores offer tourists a great diversity of handicrafts);The Cultural Center of Miches, the Plaza del Cotecito de Bávaro, Playa Macao, Sabana de la Mar, Hato Mayor and Juan Dolio.Upon his return to Santo Domingo, he began the national cardboard card, says a note from the entity.

In the East, the director of FODEARTE met with the famous saleswoman, more than 25 years in the trade, popularly known as Nina, who described as pleasant the presence of the general director of the institution.

In that order he held an interesting conversation with Elsr.Josely Rijo, president of the Association of Owners of the Plaza, who emphasized the great presence of crafts in the square made in other countries, indicated that Dominican artisans who are able to produce have in their hands the opportunity toGold, due to the fact that a van that came from China cost $ 3,000 and now costs up to 18,000 so the prices of these crafts will reflect a large increase and local production crafts can be placed in gift stores at competitive prices.

Visit to the Artisanal Plaza del Cotecito de Bávaro

The director of FODARTE visited the artisanal square of the Cotecito de Bávaro, this square has about 23 stores where tourists from different countries highlighting the presence of Russians who come to buy crafts in that square.The general director of FODEARTE, Ramón Guillen spoke with the president of the Association of Owners of the premises Mr. Diogenes Salvador, who urged the Dominican artisans to visit more the tourist areas of the country and try to place more crafts of local production, sinceMostly tourists buy crafts made in other countries, believing that they take a bit of Dominican culture and a memory of the great experience lived in our beautiful and cozy country.

Visit to Macao Beach

The director of FoDear in his journey through the east of the country visited the beach of Macao where a great tourist complex was recently inaugurated, the Ministry of Tourism did an extraordinary work throughout the beach coast organizing all the kiosks that prepare tasty dishes that highlight ourGastronomy, on the way to the beach we can find handicraft sales.

Visit Cultural Center of Miches

Director general de Fodearte visita a artesanos del Este

The director of FODARTE made a stop at Miches, where he visited the cultural center directed by Genaro Reyes, a famous craftsman of the Appealed Cayuco nicknames.Mr. Reyes congratulated you for the initiative to provide some artisans with daily use tools, which many times cannot buy for economic limitations, he indicated that the cultural center would be a wonderful saw, so that Miches' artisansThey can take advantage of the trunks of trees that the floods of the river lead to the beach and others that arrive dragged by the waves from the Bay of Samaná moved by the great growing of the Yuna River.

Sabana de la Mar visit

The director of FODEARTE Visit Sabana de la Mar, with the aim of knowing the premises of the Association of Women Artisans United by Faith, Eneste Workshop manufactures crafts, recently FODEARTE delivered industrial machines which are already operating and manufacturing pinches and mosquito nets among other articles, Mrs..Rosa, president of the Association, said that these machinery helps that many women from Sabana de la Mar do not have to do anything to attempt against morals and integrity to keep their children, since the majority are single mothers.The director of FODEARTE said that it will continue continuously monitoring the associations, workshops and artisans benefited to ensure the good use of the tools that FODEARTE is distributing throughout the national territory.

In Hato Mayor with Gregory Ramírez

The general director of FODEARTE moves to Hato Mayor of the King and makes an exploratory visit to the workshop in feltering of Mr. Gregori Ramírez (El Chaman), the workshop specializes in the creation and design of wallets, wallets, bags among other artisanal items,The director and the shaman talked about the possibility of imparting workshops in different parts of the country, with the aim that people learn a trade that serves him with the time to mount their own artisanal microenterprise and that their products can be marketed both in the marketnational as in the tourist areas of the country.

Delivery of tools to artisan Daniel Castro

In Juan Dolio, FoDartarte delivered various tools to the artisan master Daniel Castro, with the aim of making more comfortable, fast, productive and greater quality the crafts elaborated by the artisan who is a specialist in taine figures made of wood of Guayacán and stoneCallao.

The tools were delivered directly by the general director of FODEARTE, the teacher and craftsman Ramón Guillén, Mr. Castro at the facilities of his workshop, which is located in La Malena, Juan Dolio.

The delivery of the tools is made thanks to the interest of fodoing you to manage utensils that help artisans improve the quality and productivity of their artisanal pieces.

Finally, Castro, took the opportunity to thank the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, for the hurdled designation of Ramón Guillén at the head of Fozarte, a craftsman who knows the sector and the problems that afflict them.He also stressed that for the first time in the history of fodoing you the artisans feel heard and protected by the institution and values the disposition of the director of FODEARTE to continue working in favor of the promotion and development of Dominican crafts.


Already in Santo Domingo, FoDearte initiated the announced carding process in the institution's facilities, with the aim of making the process for independent artisans and those who cannot attend the scheduled conferences more comfortable and practical.

The first card was delivered directly by the general director of FODEARTE, the master and craftsman Ramón Guillén, to the artisan Emelinda Bibiana Pérez Diaz, which was the first artisan to receive his card at the facilities of Fodarrte, Emelinda is over 15 years olddedicated to crafts focused on artisanal jewelry, using the larimar and amber as raw material.

All artisans are informed nationwide, who can go through the institution to carry out the card.

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