Classic or engaged?The most wanted types of alliances in the best jewelry

Tipos de alianzas de mujer

Beyond the commitment ring, the alliance is the most durable jewel of a bride and future wife and the symbol of commitment and love that she and her partner must maintain while the relationship lasts.This is what the theory and tradition says, but in practice there are newly married who are not convinced of their alliances and do not feel comfortable with them.Luckily for the latter, the market has evolved in order to offer the bride and groom solutions for all tastes, which move away from the most classic version of this complement.From the alternatives engaged to the most avant -garde options, which are passed through rings of another type, the large jewel houses have a wide range of possibilities.In our illustrated guide we wanted to collect the most requested.

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Alianza de Bulgari

Classical Alliance

The most sought after, the most accepted and the most traditional is the classic alliance.The usual model, also known as ‘Media Caña’, is the version through which the years do not pass and can be found in all the jewelry stores in our country.Simple and without details, the only thing that usually includes is the engraving of the date on which the wedding took place.Made in gold, titanium, platinum or first law silver, they are a safe bet.On these lines, a proposal from Bulgari, its Fedi alliance in 18 carat yellow gold, with 2.5 millimeters wide.Available for € 720.

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Oui Petit

Classical Alliance

Alliance Model 16.06 of Oui Petit.It has two millimeters wide and is manufactured with 18 kt gold and incorporates a discreet glass circonite set in design.Available for € 285.


Flat Alliance

Elegant, minimalist and modern, the Flat Alliance is Plan B for the bride and groom who do not want to give up simplicity, but flee from the most common version of this type of rings.There are numerous celebrities who have opted for this model, for being less predictable and lacking ornamentation.They tend to deteriorate more easily than other formats, but they are usually brighter and more striking proposals.The image option is a design, made in Platinum, of the Spanish house Suarez, which must be requested on request to be made to measure with one month in advance.It has 3.15 millimeters high and 1.10 millimeters thick.(c.p.V)

¿Clásica o engarzada? Los tipos de alianzas más buscados en las mejores joyerías

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Flat Alliance

Piaget Postage Model Flat Alliance.Simple and timeless, it is made in 18 kt rose gold and engasted with a bright size diamond.Available from 1.€ 760.

Alianza de Chaumet

Engaged Alliance

The most romantics will find in the alliances rise an opportunity to wear the most special piece of their jeweler.In this type of designs, gems accompany the base material, with uniform tones, obtaining a very spectacular result.However, this alternative usually has a higher value than traditional options.The image is the Alliance Éternité Joséphine Aube Printanière de Chaumet.The French house designed this model as one of its Joséphine collection and was manufactured in platinum with incorporated diamonds.(c.p.V)

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Engaged Alliance

Alliance type ring of the Anniversary collection to recharge it.Made in 18 kt white gold and with diamonds bright size.(c.p.V)

Alianza de Rabat

Double Alliance

Simulating the union of the couple, double alliances are the most flirtatious and delicate alternative of all, which will convince very feminine girlfriends.Two crossed rings make up these types of designs in which different materials are usually combined to produce a very flattering contrast.The proposal on these lines belongs to Rabat. Se trata del modelo You&Me, realizado en oro rosa y oro blanco con ocho diamantes.Available for € 850.

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Alianza Trinity de Cartier

Combined Alliance

With two and, especially, three shades, combined alliances will not leave anyone indifferent.The bride and groom who want to follow the trends will opt for this format that usually incorporates three golden tones: yellow, white and pink, although you can find the combination of other materials.Different and versatile to accompany daily looks and festive styles equally, that of the image is an emblem of the Cartier house: its Trinity alliance, with 3.5 millimeters wide, inspired by the original ring that Louis Cartier devised in 1924.Available by 1.€ 360.

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Alianza de Argyor

Combined Alliance

Combined Alianza de Argyor, from its collection Armyor1954.Media Caña Model, four millimeters in a bicolor version with gold and diamond.Available for € 650.

Alianza de Tiffany

Alliance with color notes

The brides seeking to flee from the conventional and want to wear a ring that stands out for their design, will find in alliances with color notes an opportunity to make their dreams reality.These types of alliances allow to play with different colored palettes, through gems, which are usually set, and approach the most classic commitment rings and those that many royals carried before giving the ‘yes, I want’.The image is the Tiffany Embrace alliance, three millimeters wide, made in platinum, with diamonds and ruby gathered.Available by 6.000 000.

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