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Fue en el marco de la detección de organizaciones criminales dedicadas a la comisión de delitos que tienen carácter transnacional, que la Brigada Investigadora del Crimen Organizado de la Policía de Investigaciones (PDI) descubrió -a fines de 2017- a una red delictiva dedicada a la internación de especies de origen ilícito, específicamente joyas y relojes.Caso joyas robadas: las comprometedoras reuniones de Parived y de un abogado de la Corte de Santiago | bbcl_investiga | BioBioChile Caso joyas robadas: las comprometedoras reuniones de Parived y de un abogado de la Corte de Santiago | bbcl_investiga | BioBioChile

Through long days of telephone listeners, one of the main recipients of these high value species could be identified: Estrella Denmark Sánchez, a well -known jewelry of the center of Santiago.

The investigation, for the crimes of money laundering, reception and smuggling, is leaded.Star is not alone.And, as a series of intrusive measures were authorized, such as telephone listeners, a series of names linked to it appeared.

One of them is Domingo Jalil Allel.Jalil's role, according to documents to which Radio Bío Bío had access, is key.It is the one who "lends money and covers the checks" to star, according to a PDI report.The above, with a “percentage of interest, depending on the amount and the days of delay in covering the checks- by Denmark Sánchez- money obtained from the sale of jewels and value species product of robberies made abroad”.

Another of the star partners is Jaime Quiroz Jara, who is syndicated as "one of the operational arms" of La Joyera.In a police appreciation it is pointed out that both "are partners in the illicit business of purchase and sale of jewels and stolen species".Estrella, Quiroz and Jalil - the accusation is stated - are related to bands dedicated to the theft of luxurious species of value abroad and acquire such objects and then resell the jewels and watches.One of those potential buyers is Marco Antonio López Spagui, better known as Parined.

As can be seen from the investigation, the way of operating from star and its crime partners is as follows: the bands that are dedicated to the theft of species of high value abroad, once the illicit committed, the luxurious ones send by different waysobjects to Chile.Already on national soil, these are sold to receptors for amounts very lower at its original price.One of the receivers is star.

Parison and Jalil

A no less fact in the background that works in the investigation of prosecutor Baeza is the "alleged" friendship between Marco Antonio López Spagui and Domingo Jalil.The latter, a patron of the network dedicated to the commercialization of high -value jewelry and watches obtained illegally.

The thesis of the "alleged" link between the two is based on telephone listeners and encounters between the two that were closely followed by the PDI for months.According to the history of the case, which Radio Bío Bío accessed, on February 20, 2020 Parived and Jalil gathered in a coffee from the Vitacura commune at 9:30 in the morning.

Caso joyas robadas: las comprometedoras reuniones de Parived y de un abogado de la Corte de Santiago | bbcl_investiga | BioBioChile

The PDI surveillance report, after this meeting, points out that Parined and Jalil “remained inside the premises, taking breakfast and apparently talking about different topics, among which it was observed that they reviewed accounts and checks, scoring numbers of series numbersand accounts, to retire at 11 am ".

Regarding listening, on May 13, 2019, at about 12 noon, Pari -Domingo called Domingo.The transcript records the following: “Parived calls on Sunday and tells him that he has a‘ round and armed ’business, so he needs ‘20 sticks’, since on the other side bends immediately.That will be paid soon because it is ready.It is a ring that will send photos ".

That same day, during the afternoon, López Spagui communicated again.The transcription Versa: "Parived calls Sunday to insist to assure you that you will pass the money you need to buy‘ La Piedra ’, and tells you that if you don't call it, you will bother you again, because you need to close the business today".

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Another example of this alleged “Nexo” is that on August 13, 2019 Parived was until the place of Domingo, located in Latin American Union, commune of Central Station.Following that meeting, the Pdiaprecia that "it is possible to infer that there is some degree of friendship between Domingo Jalil and Marco Antonio López Spagui".

On September 2, 2019, Domingo Jalil received a call from "Leo".The latter, according to the details of the investigation, tells him that a parished check left bad.Domingo corrects him and tells him that the Parined document is another.

After this conversation, the PDI interprets that “Domingo Jalil was direct contact with Marco Antonio López, aka Parined, who acquires jewels and high value watches apart from the criminal group, having Sunday in his possession checks delivered by Parison”.But it wouldn't be the only one.

I find in the Sheraton and in the orphan street

If Parined would have a nexus with Domingo Jalil, there are those who have them with Jaime Quiroz.The intrusive measures authorized by the Court have allowed prosecutor Baeza to meet other alleged buyers of jewelry and illegal origin watches.

Two of them, according to the investigation, were discovered through a telephone listening on February 12, 2020.That summer day Jaime Quiroz confessed to his partner, "Angy", which would have a meeting at the Sheraton hotel, in the commune of Providencia.That information gave rise to investigating officers to move to the place to carry out surveillance work.

Although police officers appeared in the place, they could only verify Quiroz's departure from the hotel, so coordination were carried out to access the records of the cameras.In the images, according to the investigation, Jaime Quiroz was seen with two unknown subjects.

“These subjects meet in the hotel lobby, for a few minutes, observing that Jaime, he makes the gesture of giving a species to one of these subjects, specifically to which he uses optical lenses, who only puts his hand to oneFrom his pockets, deducting that he keeps this species, subsequently withdrawing, ”says the report.

After the subsequent analysis of recognition, it was possible to identify Quiroz's companions: it would be Waldo Rojas Soto - Taío de Natalia Compagnon - and Rodrigo Rieloff Fuentes, a lawyer member of the Court of Appeals of Santiago.

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Rieloff's identity, according to the investigation, is "supported" in a telephone listening intercepted between Estrella Denmark and Jaime Quiroz dated February 20, 2020.In it, the latter "refers that he is selling to a minister of the Court of Appeals, adding that the other day he sold (to the minister), making this payment by means of a check," says a report.

Another meeting took place months later.Around 1 pm on June 25, 2020, Jaime Quiroz, one of Estrella's “operational arms”, met with three people: an unidentified, Waldo Rojas Soto and Rodrigo Rieloff Fuentes.

All this happened in the commune of Santiago, specifically in Huérphan Street in front of numbering 626.That day the PDI knew that Quiroz "would carry out a business meeting where species of doubtful origin could be involved, such as jewelry and watches".

At that height of the investigation, the PDI and the Prosecutor's Office should be even more cautious.The reason?Information of the cause was leaked, at that time reserved.Attended the seriousness of this situation, “a surveillance device was set up on the outskirts of Jaime Quiroz's home,” says the file.The wait had its benefits.

When the police knew that one of the people was Rieloff, they toured the place and when they did not find it they went to their home to take the declaration as accused, as instructed by the prosecutor in charge.

Rieloff declared: "To start, I must point out that I am the legal director of the Municipality of Providencia four years ago to date" and adds that "I must point out that I do not know Jaime Quiroz Jara, from whom I even do not know his name, as well as I have notacquired a jewelry article, that the aforementioned could sell ”.

When I was consulted by the routine of that day he pointed out: “I realize that during the morning and at noon, I gathered in the center, specifically in Huérfanos street with Miraflores, where I was about two hours with Waldo Rojas, doing different personal procedures, to finally, go to buy and go to my home finally ”.

But after the statement ended, according to the background that the Bío Bío Radio had access, the member lawyer of the Court of Appeals of Santiago spoke with Rojas.Rieloff tells him that he needs to talk to him but personally, "but it is a very tangential issue" and that "it is more or less urgent and hopefully they get together but in a distant" x "place and not go there".

In the police report it was established that "Rodrigo is scared and needs to inform Waldo what happened, knowing that this is the crime partner of Jaime Quiroz Jara".

In the background is appointed by the Andronic businessman Luksic, who would have joined with an unidentified person, together with all the representatives of the banks, to talk about the purchase of gold.But according to the businessman, this information is totally false and unlikely.