BLING BLING!Sonic celebrates his 30th anniversary with jewelry

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram /Noticias / Discord/ Foros¡Bling Bling! Sonic celebra su 30.° aniversario con joyería ¡Bling Bling! Sonic celebra su 30.° aniversario con joyería

The 30th.° Anic of Sonic The Hedgehog will be held big and today Sega threw the house through the window announcing everything that is on the way to the blue hedgehog in video games, trying to consent to fans of yesteryear, the new ones and even ofjoin the past with the present.However, not everything will be there, because there will also be some interesting commemorative products.

Sonic will celebrate with jewelry, toys and commemorative coins

In the framework of ads related to the celebration of 30.° Anic of Sonic The Hedgehog, some products were revealed that will soon be for sale as part of the celebrations for the 3 decades of the iconic Video Games of Sega.In that sense, a collaboration with Jakks Pacific was announced that will result in a game set inspired by the final moments of Sonic The Hedgehog 2, considered by many as the best game of the blue hedgehog.

¡Bling Bling! Sonic celebra su 30.° aniversario con joyería

Now, for those who like jewelry, there are also interesting news, as there will be a collaboration with King Ice for the realization of 4 pieces of gold and precious stones with the designs of the faces of Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Shadow.

Finally, it was announced that SEGA will collaborate with APMEX for the edition of Silver ounces and a gold coin for the 30th.° Anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, which will be on sale this summer.These pieces will have Sonic and the official logo of the 30 years in a face, while in the back they will have all the information of their edition and the certification that it is a genuine product.

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