Bad energies?The true reasons why silver darkens

Because of its quality, attractive appearance and reasonable price, silver jewels are highly popular.In addition, some have attributed “supernatural” properties to this metal, which probably influences - in some measure - that the accessories of this material are even more marketed.

Popular belief indicates that silver jewels absorb bad vibes, protecting people from envy and "evil eye".Therefore, many choose to buy silver medals from children in order to take care of the "malicious" people.

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According to this myth, when silver darkens it is because it absorbed bad energies, preventing them from directly affecting the person.

But what is the truth?Why are the objects of this metal put black?As Biobiochile pointed out the Penquista chemical Alejandra Lozano there are multiple reasons why silver darkens, but none relates to the supernatural or superstitious.

¿Malas energías? Las verdaderas razones por las que la plata se oscurece

For example, the professional explains that silver can put black when the pH of a person's skin is a bit more acid than normal (less than 5.6).This can be permanent (and normal) or being the result of the intake of some medication that momentarily alters the pH.

Another reason why this metal changes color is due to creams, perfumes, soaps and other cosmetics products.It can also occur by water minerals.In fact, many rich sulfur hot waters cause this effect.

But they are not the only factors.Silver can even blackens with the air.When the amount of sulfur of the environment is a bit higher than usual, the objects of this metal can blackened.

How to clean the silver jewels that get dark?

Alejandra says that the best option is to use bicarbonate.

You can pass a wet or brush cloth with this compound by the entire surface of the jewel, or, it can be allowed to soaked with water and bicarbonate in a container lined in aluminum.When withdrawing, it must be dry with absorbent paper or a dry cloth.

Here are a couple of videos that show the alternatives.